Riding of the Fair, Yarm 2012

t12969This now takes place on the Saturday morning of the mid-October Fair at Yarm when the High Street is closed to traffic.Yarm Town Councillors slowly parade the length of the High Street in the steam-engine drawn wagon and are followed by the ‘show-people’, or ‘travellers’ on horseback. After which, informal ‘races’ between all manner of single hoses and others pulling ‘buggy’ carts are held along the length of street for the entertainment of the gathered crowds.

Photograph and details courtesy of Chris Bailey.

Malleable Works Electrical Department c1910

t13867The first photograph shows the Malleable Works Electrical Department c1910 the person stood on the far left of the group is my grandfather William Hepple (1886 – 1966). His family moved from Birtley Co. Durham late in the 19th Century where from around 6 years of age my grandfather had been working in the pit. The opening up and expansion of the South Durham Iron & Steel Works gave them the opportunity to at least work above ground but in another very physically demanding industry. He became a self taught electrician going on to be foreman.

t13868His four sons Herbert (Bert),William (Bill), Joseph (Joe) my father John George (George) Hepple and his brother Herbert all followed him into the industry. Collectively these family members even before retirement had clocked up over 200 years of service a remarkable achievement, an era never to be repeated sadly. From left to right : Bert, Joe, George & Bill.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Hepple.

The South Durham Hunt c1952

t13861The South Durham Hunt met in the grounds of Wynyard Hall for the first time in 26 years. The Marquis of Londonderry (centre) is chatting to the huntsman Jack Wood. My father, Eric Wilson the Master is on the right.



In this photograph members of the Wynyard house party are seen befriending the hounds. On the left is Angela Eric Wilson’s daughter, who took part in the hunt. In the middle is Jeanne Wilson, my mother and wife of Eric Wilson.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Wilson.

Georgian Building, Smith Street – Stockton, 2014

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I was in Stockton on Thursday 16 October and came across this sad sight or perhaps it should really be site?

It would seem that the end is nigh for this once magnificent Georgian building which has featured on Picture stockton several times in the past. I was told by the site foreman that they are making the building safe and trying to preserve what they can on the advice of English Heritage who are due to make another visit soon.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Stockton Unitarian Scouts c1956/7

t12390 t12391 t12392 t12393The Stockton Unitarian Scouts at camp, the year must have been 1956/57.  I would be interested if names could be put to these faces as there are only two that I’m sure of and those are myself Peter Fletcher and Ian Price. Others may possibly be Alan Sudron and Alan Wier, but I am not 100% sure…

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Fletcher.

Teesside Park Racecourse, 1977

t13847Mr Eric Wilson chairman of the racecourse is seen cutting the first sod ready for the re-building of Teesside Park Racecourse. The re-build was due to the new A66 motorway cutting through the old racecourse.




From the left, Mr Ian Fifield, area manager of Shepherd Construction, which carried out the work, Mr Dennis Riley, secretary of the course, Mr Stan Raine, Shepherd’s commercial manager and Mr Cecil Johnson, site construction manager for Shepherds. 1977.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Wilson.


Loco No. 6, St Johns Crossing

t13828The crossing was used to transport goods to Stockton Wharf which closed in 1967. Until the final few months of operation the engines moving the goods were steam engines. This photograph shows the last steam loco to be used. This was Loco No 6 built at the Robert Stevenson and Hawthorne Works in 1943. She was retired in late 1966.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle and John Hardy.

Linthorpe Nursery School, Richmond Road, Stockton

t13848The full address of this nursery school near Ropner Park is Mrs M. Temblett, Linthorpe Nursery School, 61 Richmond Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham and their telephone number was Stockton 68885.

This photograph was taken in the late 1950’s – I (John Wilson, son of Mr Eric and Jeanne Wilson, of Oak Lea, Darlington Lane, Norton-on-Tees) is in the second row, wearing a cowboy hat! In the third row, fourth from the left, the curly haired boy is Nicky Walford, the son of Mr Lionel and Ann Walford of Norton-on-Tees.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Wilson.

Stockton metal fabrication at Aerex Fans Ltd

t13842Aerex Fans were at Phoenix Sidings, and eventually became the site of Whalley Welding.

My father served his apprenticeship at Aerex during WWII, then becoming a charge hand and foreman. He then left for Head Wrightsons, then Francis Browns in Church Lane, then Eddie Whalley ‘head hunted’ him back to Phoenix Sidings.

Complex 18 feet tall, 8-into-1 chimney system, with Kenneth Little. I think this was one of the pieces that established my Dad’s reputation. Just think how to cut sheets of metal to make welded, obliquely intersecting, different diameter t13841cylinders, with paper, pencil and slide rule! c1945 – 1951.

Photographs and details courtesy of Chris Little.



Road Construction c1974

t11096This is one of those posts that went missing when we moved to the new site.

It shows road developments behind Norton Road and the road bypassing Stockton High Street c1974. Photographs and details courtesy of t11097Brian Kemp.

We have tried to recreate as many of the original comments as possible…

Sirius M

t13833A view of Sirius M built by a ship builder called Mr Bill Key. I know he worked as a navel boat builder in Stockton-on-Tees and he built Sirius M a steel boat around 60 ft in the early eighties as a personal build project.

I am trying to obtain some information about Sirius M and Bill Key, can anyone help?

Photograph and details courtesy of Paul Ward.

Old Billingham Station c1967

t13817Taken on the north bound platform, it shows a steam loco shunting in a manoeuvre known as a ‘run rounder’. This complicated manoeuvre could take 20 minutes and all us Billinghamites of a certain vintage can recall the amazing amount of time that traffic could be stopped in Station Road. The photograph was taken in the summer of 1967 on the last day of steam working through Billingham Station.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Hardy and Martin Birtle.

Staff from Newtown Infants School

Two photographs of Newtown Infants School Staff in 1978 and 1979.  My mum Anne Bellerby has included as many names as she can remember…

t13710Newtown Infants School Staff 1978
Back Row (l-r): Jean McKinley, Margaret Sawyer, Margaret Shepard, Ruth Bowbanks, Anne Bellerby, Dorothy Dixon, May Buckle and Mrs Glasswell (Head Mistress)
Front Row (l-r): Kath Marlow, Jean Lowery, Diane Lewis, Olivia Frampton and Joan Hobson

t13711Newtown Infants School Staff 1979
Back Row (l-r): Kath Marlow, Jean Lowery, Anne Bellerby, Ruth Bowbanks, May Buckle, Margaret Shepard and Margaret Sawyer
Front Row (l-r): Val Watkins, Joan Hobson, Mrs Glasswell (Head Mistress), Evelyn Greenacre and Olivia Frampton.

Photographs courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

Norton Green in October

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A view of Norton Green, October 2002, 2009 and 2013.

Photographs courtesy of John Loraine.

The old Ironworks, Norton

t13790A view of the old Ironworks on site at the Stockton Stone & Concrete Company. The original bell known as ‘Big Ben’ was cast here in 1856. Unfortunately this bell cracked during testing, and it was broken up and recast as the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London.

t13791‘The casting of the bell for the Great Clock of Westminster Palace, at Norton, Stockton-on-Tees’ from the illustrated London News of the Old Ironworks at Norton (23 August 1856)

Photograph and details courtesy of John Wilson.

Stockton Racecourse – ‘White Rose Day’, 1967

t13800Photographs of ‘White Rose Day’ at Teesside Park for the opening of the National Hunt steeplechase course by HRH the Duchess of Kent, Stockton Racecourse, 14 November 1967 .

The Duchess of Kent pauses to admire the diamond ‘White Rose’ brooch presented by my father, Mr Eric Wilson Chairman of the race company.

t13801In the second photograph is Col C Egerton, manager and Clerk of the Course, with the Mayor of Thornaby, Councillor V. Greenan, in the background.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Wilson.








Girls Life Brigade Holiday

t13814We spent a week staying at the Newlands Hostel near Keswick in the Lake District. The group consists of myself, Barbara Ashman, Audrey Pearce, Mary Hughes, Mavis Bousfield and Audrey Dennison. I’ll have to guess the year but probably 1955.

Photographs and details courtesy of  Maureen Walker.


Tilery Teenagers

t13813This image shows a group of (mostly) teenagers, probably taken on Tilery Rec.

The only ones I know, and recognise, are George and Harry Kirby, George is standing at the back on the left side of the image.

The names listed are:- Gordon Pearson, Stan Sudron, George Kirby, Alan Holliday, Bob Laing, Victor Moody, ? Harrison, Harry Kirby, Billy Wilkinson, Lewis Lee, Hardy Donaldson, Andy Melville, Jim McNichol, Bob Harbron, Ken Melville, Harry Skipper, Eric Holliday, Harry Nichol, Arnie Ellis, Joyce Barker, Bob Speight, Kathy Allen, Myra Taylor, Joan Moody, Maureen Laing, Ethel Laing.

This image was given to me by either George or Harry Kirby. Details courtesy of Ian Cartwright.