Three Stockton sisters and a returning Hero

t13722In the early part of the 20th century there was a large Connor family living in the Tilery area of Stockton. There were 8 children in all consisting of 5 girls, Emma, Doris, Nora, Mary and Elizabeth who was my gran and known to all as Betty. The 3 lads were Frankie, Jimmy and John. They were a close knit family but in 1928 there came a parting of the ways when Mary emigrated to Canada going to live in the province of Quebec in a town called Sawyerville. She went with her husband Bill Hall and their young son Billy. More on Billy later…

Just before Mary left 3 of the girls had a ”last” photo taken together as they never thought they would meet again. In the event Mary did come home for a visit but not for 40 years. From left to right, facing the camera, we have Nora, Mary and Betty. Aunt Mary had another 10 children in Canada and some 30 years ago there were over 80 direct descendants of Bill and Mary Hall living across Canada.

I mentioned that when they emigrated they took their young son Billy with them. In 1944 he was back in Britain only now he was wearing the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Billy the young man was back to defend his birthplace.

Stockton Stage Society – The Arcadian

t13717I believe this photograph is the Stockton Stage Society cast for a production of The Arcadians, probably in the mid 1950’s and probably in the Corporation Hall, Stockton.
My mother, Enid Moss (later Pallant) is towards the back with a gentleman’s hands on her shoulders, and her father-in-law to be, Alf Pallant, is to the right of the table and chairs on the left of the photograph.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mark Pallant.

WD climbing Stockton Bank c1960s

t8178This is one of those posts that went missing when we moved to the new site. It shows…

WD climbing Stockton bank towards Norton Junction in the mid 1960’s – the fields on the left are now the Glebe estate.The footpath that crossed the line here led across the fields towards St Mary’s church at Norton – a regular Saturday morning trek for me on my way to 2nd Norton Cubs who met in the hut in what I believe was an old quarry behind the Green.

Photograph and details courtesy of Dave Summerfield.

We have tried to recreate as many of the original comments as possible…

Clevo Flour Mill Site

t13716This Boat was tied up at the Cleveland Flour Mill site, Thornaby. You can see Head Wrightsons in the background. I used to check the build and progress of this boat, as I went to work at National Carriers on Bridge road. There was also a Cameron’s Brewery office on Victoria Bridge on Stockton side just before the dole office and John B. Smiths wood yard

Photograph and details courtesy of Tom McGowan.

Staff from Newtown Infants School

t13702Two photographs of Newtown Infants School Staff in 1970 and 1971.  My mum Anne Bellerby has included as many names as she can remember…

Back Row (l-r): Alison Ashton, Margaret Naisbit, ??, Tricia Armstrong, Pat Dunn, Shirley Fisher, Anne Bellerby and Joan Wilton.

Front Row(l-r): Janet Smith, Margaret Lonsdale, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Hilda Kinnis and Evelyn Greenacre

t13703Back Row (l-r): May Buckle, Anne Bellerby, Barbara Parker, Alison Ashton, Joan Wilton,?? and Margaret Lonsdale.

Front Row (l-r): Janet Smith, Shirley Fisher, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Ruth Bowbanks and Hilda Kinnis.

Photographs and details courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

Heritage Stockton

heritagestockton PSThe site brings together articles and stories celebrating the Borough’s rich and diverse Heritage, from the early settlements to the growth of the industries of the twentieth century, the development of the railways, the contributions to the sciences and the arts and the part we played in two world wars. Read the moving story of the Haverton Hill Anzac, or the hero of Dettingen – the soldier with the silver nose. Find out about the Stockton woman who tried to assassinate King George III or discover why Stockton-on-Tees was a target for the Luftwaffe. We will be adding more of these fascinating insights into the heritage of our area as time goes on but we also welcome contributions from anyone who can add to the story of the Borough, its people and its places…

Visit the site at – we’d be glad to have your thoughts at

Thomas Birtle at work in the railway sheds

t13693This photograph taken at Thornaby sheds shows my granddad Thomas Birtle with two colleagues, quite possibly fitters, next to the cab of steam locomotive 63437. This was a type Q6 loco and this class of engines hauled heavy goods such as steel and coal around the north east. Date wise I believe it to be between 1959 (when Stockton sheds closed) and 1964 (when Thornaby stopped dealing with steam locos). My cousin, John is pretty certain it is late 1963 early 1964…

t13694The second photograph shows Thomas Birtle working at his desk. His role was clearly one of administration. The final photograph shows him standing outside his office/cabin within Stockton sheds.

Photographs and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.






The Talbot Pub, Stockton

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These photographs show the unusual décor in the Pit, apparently painted by a man called Bob Saint. The Pit was in the basement of the Talbot Pub on Stockton High Street. I believe the pub later became the Number Nines bar. The photographs were taken in the early 1980’s.

Photograph and details courtesy Dave Pratt.

Under 16’s Tennis Final, Stockton c1952

t13640The Final was held at Ropner Park Tennis Courts, where the Children’s playground is now situated. It was a lovely summers day except it was spoiled when I broke a string in my only tennis racquet after being one set all. I was surprised on a recent visit to see most of the Public Tennis courts had been demolished in Newham Grange Park and Tilery Road Recreation ground. These courts where the only places that working class people could play Tennis which at the time was deemed an exclusive sport for the rich and famous.

Caption included with image ‘T.L Jones (right), who won the boys’ singles in the junior section of the tournament in Ropner Park, Stockton by beating B.Brown (left) 6-3, 4-6, 6-1 on Saturday’

Image and details courtesy of Benny Brown.

E. Winpenny, Stockton High Street c1979

t13663I took this photograph c1979 as part of my preliminary observations and sketches for a painting that I did while studying A-level art at Stockton VI Form College. The painting I did of Winpennys still hangs on my wall.

The shop was just up the road from John Walker Square, on the same side of the road. What happened to the shop? I haven’t been back to Stockton for many years.

Photograph and details courtesy of Maggi Davis.

Dutch Barn Houses c1945

t13659 t13660 t13661 t13662 Three photographs showing the Dutch Barn houses under construction and a final one of the completed house.

The photographs have ‘Bishopton Court, Fairfield 1945′ written on the reverse but there has been some controversy about the exact location over the years on Picture Stockton… Bishopton Court or Durham Road…?

















Pupils at Oxbridge School

t13639I received this photograph from a friend, her late husband Peter is on the top row, first on the left side and
was taken at Oxbridge School. Does anyone know if the photograph was taken during some kind of celebration as they all seem to be wearing medals?

Photograph and details courtesy of Linda Moody.

WW1 Commemoration – Sunday 3 August, Yarm

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The photographs show crowds of people gathered at Yarm War Memorial during an Act of Commemoration followed by a parade and Drum Head Service at Willey Flatts Field.

1245 Sunflowers: Garden of Memories, Stockton

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Sunflowers and other floral tributes have been placed in the Parish Church Gardens creating a Garden of Memories for The Great War Fallen of Stockton. A symbolic and reflective event marked Britains entry into war 100 years ago yesterday – tonight there will be a candlelit tribute of music, words and lights.

The Great War Centenary Anniversary, 4 August 2014

t13670 t13671








I took these two photographs of the refurbished War Memorial and it’s newly relaid surroundings which all looked very nice in the mid-morning sunshine on Yarm High Street this morning.

To accompany the Yarm photographs I called in at Egglescliffe and photographed their War Memorial too which also looked equally resplendent in the sunshine.

t13672 t13673Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Wellington Terrace, Norton Road

t10700Situated on Wellington Terrace, Norton Road was a three storey building known as Wellington House – a Diocesan Training Home for servants c1900, it then became St. Mary’s Convent School shortly afterwards. When a new school building was built behind St. Mary’s Catholic Church (seen in the distance) in 1909, Wellington House then became St. Gerard’s Convent.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs Denton.

Harker’s Engineering

t13632Harker’s Engineering Staff – Back Row: Dave Coppins, Les Turnbull, Ralph Watson, Steve Pearson, Terry Blenkinsop and Brian Hussey.

Front Row: Len Stirman, Mike Round, John Alderton and Paul Wright.

Details courtesy of Mike Bellerby, photograph courtesy of Eddie Lattimer.

Beeline bus tour to Gretna Green

t13628In years gone by, many newsagents sold tickets to a selection of bus trips with Beeline tours. This was a trip to Gretna Green, and I remember picking up passengers from Norton, Stockton, and Middlesbrough. We were asked to be the Bride and Groom in a mock wedding over the anvil, a great coincidence as we eloped to Gretna a year earlier, in 1967!

Photograph and details courtesy of Alan Prosser.

Kennedy’s Forge c1975

t13626A photograph showing three men working in the forge, Kennedy’s Enginneers c1975.

I am researching Kennedy’s Engineers – they had a factory on the Riverside, Stockton until the 1990’s. It became Lionweld Kennedy before moving to Middlesbrough. Does anyone have any photographs of this plant especially during the 60’s and 70’s?

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Smith.