Wellington Terrace, Norton Road

t10700Situated on Wellington Terrace, Norton Road was a three storey building known as Wellington House – a Diocesan Training Home for servants c1900, it then became St. Mary’s Convent School shortly afterwards. When a new school building was built behind St. Mary’s Catholic Church (seen in the distance) in 1909, Wellington House then became St. Gerard’s Convent.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs Denton.

Harker’s Engineering

t13632Harker’s Engineering Staff – Back Row: Dave Coppins, Les Turnbull, Ralph Watson, Steve Pearson, Terry Blenkinsop and Brian Hussey.

Front Row: Len Stirman, Mike Round, John Alderton and Paul Wright.

Details courtesy of Mike Bellerby, photograph courtesy of Eddie Lattimer.

Beeline bus tour to Gretna Green

t13628In years gone by, many newsagents sold tickets to a selection of bus trips with Beeline tours. This was a trip to Gretna Green, and I remember picking up passengers from Norton, Stockton, and Middlesbrough. We were asked to be the Bride and Groom in a mock wedding over the anvil, a great coincidence as we eloped to Gretna a year earlier, in 1967!

Photograph and details courtesy of Alan Prosser.

Kennedy’s Forge c1975

t13626A photograph showing three men working in the forge, Kennedy’s Enginneers c1975.

I am researching Kennedy’s Engineers – they had a factory on the Riverside, Stockton until the 1990’s. It became Lionweld Kennedy before moving to Middlesbrough. Does anyone have any photographs of this plant especially during the 60’s and 70’s?

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Smith.

Suffolk Street, Stockton c1919

t13611 t13612These photographs are of a street party held in Suffolk Street, Stockton in 1919, presumably to celebrate the end of World War One. The photographs are taken looking north – 11 Suffolk Street is on the right hand side. The people ringed in green are Norman and Edna the son and daughter of my Grandparents, Knaggs and Edith Sanderson, who had a shop at 60 Suffolk Street (now demolished). The baby in the right hand side of the pram is my later mother, Stella who would be about 6 – 9 months old when the photographs were taken. It is notable how few men there are in the photographs.

Photographs and details couresty of John S Corney.

Harkers Engineering c1980s

t13622t13621The names I know are… Jack Morris, ??, Ian Stirman, John Taylor, Barry Roberts, Steve Passmore, Mr Fred Harker, Norman Bellerby, Brian Craven (manager of the Nat West Bank in he High Street),
Mike Round, Len Turner, Malcolm Harker, ??, Peter Cowe, Stan Wareing, Brian Townsend and Paddy Meehan.

Len is holding a cup which says ‘The Ruth Harker Memorial’ on it. I think this was originally awarded for the annual Harkers Lyke Wake Walk or possibly the sponsored bike ride to Wales and back…

Photograph and details courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

‘The Manor House, Yarm High Street

t13067A photograph of ‘The Manor House’, no.83 The High Street, Yarm. Until the last half of the 19th century this building was two separate properties, the bowed windows and dormer, being only present on the right hand property. At some stage the left-hand property was then purchased and dramatically altered
to form a ‘twin’ double-fronted facade and roofline, thereby placing the main entrance door off-centre. In the rear yard there is a wall mounted sun-dial attached to the offshot of the original right-hand property dated 1715.The building is currently used as offices by legal-firm Merrit & Co.

Photograph and details courtesy of Chris Bailey.

St Pauls Church

t13582 t13583St Paul’s Church, Stockton – Sue and Colin Chattertons wedding, 19 October 1968.

The second photograph was taken outside the church on my wedding day. Included in the photograph is my gran and aunties, Poppy, Doreen and Myrtle.

Photographs courtesy of Sue Chatterton.

Official Programme celebrating the Coronation of King George VI

Official Programme to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI, 12 May 1937. The programme includes information about street decorations, children’s sports, a vehicle procession and a firework display.

Courtesy of John S Corney.

Aerial views of the Hardwick Estate

t10093 t10094 t10095These three aerial views show parts of the Hardwick Estate in December 1994. Two shots are of the estate itself, and one is of the old English Martyrs RC Primary School which was amalgamated in September 2002 with St Peter & St Pauls RC Primary School to form the new St Gregorys Catholic Primary School. The English Martyrs building was left in the summer of 2005 and demolished shortly afterwards to make way for the new Hardwick Green Primary school.

Courtesy of St Gregorys School.

Employees of Wilsons Department Store

t13584 t13585 Some of the long-serving employees of Wilsons Department store are (l-r): Mr Sydney Glover (15 years), Mr Kenneth Sawers (17 years), Mrs Freda Harwood (15 years), Mrs Doris Kirkpatrick (31 years) and Mrs Joan Nash (11 years).

My mum Freda (Betty) was in charge of the Fancy Goods and Wallpaper Department up until the store closed c1970.

Photographs and details courtesy of Sue Chatteron.