The Stockton Stone and Concrete Company

t13786The Stockton Stone and Concrete Company ran from 1899 – 1967 (sold to Marshalls). Bell & Brass Foundry were earlier occupants of the premises (Norton Iron Works?).

I have documents saying that the Tees Bridge Iron Works, was sold together with the Norton Stone and Concrete Company Ltd by G.B Nancarrow on the 11th March t137871905 to the Stockton Stone and Concrete Company Ltd. My grandfather, John Lawson Wilson was then secretary. My father, Eric Wilson was Managing Director up until 1967. We used to live at ‘Oak Lea’, 23 Darlington Lane, Norton-on-tees.

t13789Photographs and details courtesy of John Wilson.

Stockton High Street seen from the Town Hall

t13794In his youth my brother John worked for the council and somehow managed to get up to the Town Hall clock when it was being cleaned and/or refurbished and took these photographs. The gentlemen at the clock face are unknown to me except for bottom right, Jack Taylor t13799the foreman. Does anyone recognise the others?

The buses seem to be in two different liveries which would suggest it was around the time we became Teesside.

Photographs and details courtesy of t13795Mike Hardy.


Royal Mail, September 1985

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Employees of Royal Mail celebrate the Arthurian Legend Commemorative stamps released September 1985 which coincided with the 250th anniversary of Stockton’s Town Hall (1735 – 1985)

Photographs courtesy of Deb Branson.

Stockton Cycling Club Outing

t13785This photograph was taken just before WW1 and shows the Stockton Wheelers Cycling Club  and their outing to the annual North Eastern Cycling Meet in Barnard Castle.

They are standing outside Vasey’s Temperance Hotel. The people in the photo are all from Portrack. I can identify only two people – my Grandad Herbert Castelow (sitting down on the left with his hands across his knees) and my Great Grandad John Castelow (standing in the centre with the stripy jacket). If any one can identify the remaining people that would be great.

Photograph and details courtesy of Christine Nicholds.

Closure of Tilery Road Sub-Post Office, 1968

t13783From 1946 my grandfather was sub-postmaster at the post office on the corner of Newton Street and Tilery Road. He worked there for 22 years until he retired on his 65th birthday which coincided with the closure of the post office. The story was featured in the Evening Gazette under the heading “The Last Post for Bill” although he was actually named William Henry Cartwright, but known as Harry.

My Dad, also William Henry worked in the shop, along with my Gran, Sadie (Sarah) Cartwright nee McNaughton. William Henry Jnr. married my Mother Edith Mary Hughes, who lived in Headlam Street, Tilery.

t13784Photographs and details courtesy of Ian Cartwright.

Staff from Newtown Infants School

Two photographs of Newtown Infants School Staff in 1976 and 1977.  My mum Anne Bellerby has included as many names as she can remember…

t13708Newtown Infants School Staff 1976
Back Row (l-r): Gillian Welsh, Margaret Shepard ,Gillian Harrington, Jean McKinley, Alison Ashton and Ruth Bowbanks.
Front Row (l-r): AnneBellerby, Judy McPherson, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Ann Liddle and Chris Browell.

t13709Newtown Infants School Staff 1977
Back Row (l-r): Chris Browell, AnneBellerby, Eileen Docherty, Margaret Sawyer ,May Buckle, Margaret Shepard, Kath Marlow and Joan Hobson.
Front Row (l-r): Jean McKinley, Dorothy Dixon, Ann Liddle, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Dianne Cassidy, Sue Bedford and Ruth Bowbanks.

Photographs courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

Thornaby Battle Of Britain Remembrance Service, 2014

The schoolchildren were from all from Thornaby schools, Bader and St Patricks primary schools and the Thornaby Academy and representatives of each laid wreaths during the service. Bearing in mind it was a Sunday (14th September 2014), it was nice to see such a large turnout by the children and in their school uniforms too. A very smart turnout!

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Titos Nightclub c1970

t13768Inside Titos Night club, from left to right: Jack Watling, Trevor Hall, Charlie, Dave Raby and Mick Faulkner. This photograph was taken in Titos nightclub circa 1970. I don’t know how Dave got in without a tie, the doormen were pretty strict about that in those days.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mick Faulkner.

Staff from Newtown Infants School

Two photographs of Newtown Infants School Staff in 1974 and 1975.  My mum Anne Bellerby has included as many names as she can remember…

t13706Newtown Infants School Staff 1974
Back Row(l-r): Kath Marlow, Anne Bellerby, Jill Baguley, Ruth Bowbanks, Margaret Shepard, May Buckle, ?? and Joan Hobson
Front Row (l-r): Alison Ashton, Hilda Kinnis, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Ann Liddle, Janet Smith.

t13707Newtown Infants School Staff 1975
Back Row (l-r): Joan Hobson, ??, Anne Bellerby, Margaret Sawyer, Ruth Bowbanks and Margaret Shepard
Front Row (l-r): Jill Baguley, Kath Marlow, Ann Liddle, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Alison Ashton, Judy McPherson and May Buckle.

Photographs courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

Dr Who, Queen Street School, Thornaby

t13742A group of children performing a Dr Who sketch, does anyone recognise them?

My father Brian Moores was Headmaster at Queen Street School from 1961 until 1966, he was a keen photographer and took many shots of his time at the school but unfortunately these are not dated.

Photographs and details courtesy of t13743Rona Bromley.










St John’s RC School, Billingham c1962

t13763A photograph of St John’s RC School in Billingham. I am on the front row, first from the right – Cathy Wells.

From left to right: Leslie Mains, Michael Lakey, Alan Thompson, Kevin Sanderson, Des Cain, Paul Becks, William Greer, Brian Higgins, Peter Walsh, David Edwards and Gerald McCue.

Tony Gosney, Liam Kelly, Eddie Fields, Peter Coombe, Tony O’Connell, Paul McPartland, Jim McCormack, Gerald Smythe, John Black, Pete Horan, Hughie Armstrong and Phil Gillespie.

Marie Donaldson, Nina Hunter, Marie?, Ellen Yates, Pauline Madison, Mary Kearney, Miss Sleighthouse, Sheila Hogg, Jennifer Harrison, Christine McGurk, Susan Tulip and Marie Thompson.

Christine Buckley, Christine Johnstone, Margaret Brown, Maureen Hogan, Marie Deary, Maureen McKenna, Alma Cushley and Cathy Wells.

Photograph and details courtesy of Catherine Harris nee Wells.

Stockton Street Party c1945

t13731I am assuming this street party was thrown to be celebrate the end of World War Two.

I am quite certain it is at the bottom end of Headlam Street, Tilery (Talbot Street end) as one of the photographs shows a shop front ‘W Collier’ which was number 1 Headlam Street.

t13732Photographs and details courtesy of Ian Cartwright.
























Stockton Sappers c1916/17

t13735This is my grandfather Sapper Joe E Drinkel of the 225th Field Company Royal Engineers taken in France, he had just come in from the field. In the Royal Engineers he was graded a Saddler.

The second photograph is George Harland, a good friend of my granddads. I was given this copy by his family. George was also graded a Saddler. Both George Harland and my Grandfather were Boot and Shoe makers in Stockton.

Photographs and details courtesy of Denis Rigg.



Stockton Stage Society

t13729I believe the people in this photograph are part of the Stockton Stage Society, my Mother, Edith Mary Cartwright nee Hughes is in the front row, kneeling, 2nd from the left. Although I cannot put an exact date or location on it, I would put it in the same era circa 1955 as a previous addition to Picture Stockton titled ‘Stockton Stage Society – The Arcadian’.


Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Cartwright.

From Beaconsfield Street, Norton to the Western Front

t13727Grandad Thomas Birtle was brought up by his maternal grandparents Thomas and Mary Ann Merrington. The 1911 census finds them living at 67 Beaconsfield Street, Norton on Tees. They lived there for quite a few years.

The first picture shows a very young granddad pictured in his Durham Light Infantry uniform in I think 1915. He joined up in September at the age of 16. The young child at his feet we believe to be a cousin but are not certain exactly which one. The Merringtons were born in the late 1850s in north Yorkshire.

At some stage granddad was transferred from the Durham Light Infantry (DLI) to the Highland Light Infantry (HLI) and by 1918 he was a sergeant. He always said that his being transferred was because he was a useful footballer and the HLI people welcomed him as an addition to their battalion football team. One of his new team mates played for Aberdeen FC in the 1920s and was capped by Scotland.

t13728Having been in France for some time Grandad’s luck was bound to run out and he was shot through his left elbow in august 1918 near the French town of St Quentin. The second picture can be dated to between the time of his wounding and April 1919 when he was discharged from the army. Facing the camera he is on the left of the picture and you can clearly see his left arm has been wounded. You can also see, that as a proud Englishman, he is wearing his bonnet.

Photographs and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Staff from Newtown Infants School

Two photographs of Newtown Infants School Staff in 1972 and 1973.  My mum Anne Bellerby has included as many names as she can remember…

t13704Newtown Infants School Staff 1972
Back Row (l-r): Margaret Shepard, ??, ??, Ann Liddle, Ruth Bowbanks and Jean McKinley
Front Row (l-r): Anne Bellerby, Tricia Armstrong, Alison Ashton, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Hilda Kinnis, May Buckle and Pauline Taylor.

t13705Newtown Infants School Staff 1973
Back Row (l-r): Joan Hobson, Jill Baguley, Ruth Bowbanks, ??, Jean McKinley, ?? and Margaret Shepard. Front Row (l-r): Lynne Duncan, Alison Ashton, Mrs J Thompson (Head Mistress), Hilda Kinnis and May Buckle.

Photographs courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

Unknown Couple

t13726Unfortunately I cannot positively identify the couple in the photograph, I am hoping that visitors to Picture Stockton may be able to help…

I would guess it was taken between 1901 and 1911 and the female might be Margaret Calvert formerly Turner and Price.The male could be Francis Calvert her last husband. They were both from Stockton although she was born in 1855 in Springhill,Glasgow. Margaret was my great grandmother and lived at West Row in 1891 and then moved to 12 Wyndham Street before the 1901 census.There are still descendants of the family in the Stockton area so I am hopeful that someone might have a copy of the same photograph with identification on it!

Photograph and details courtesy of Dorothy Young.

Bowls Team c1960s

t13725I wonder if anybody remembers this bowls team… I think they are in Littleboy Park, Thornaby and the photograph would have be taken during the 1960’s. My father’s name was John Vincent, although he was often called Jack, he is first left on the second row. He also represented Yorkshire County.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Vincent.