St Johns School Football Team – 1967/8

A photograph of St Johns Junior School Football team taken in the 1967-68 season.
Teachers at the Back : –  Left Mr Wilkinson, Right Mr Stones
Back row, left to right :  ??, ??, Billy Jackson, Ian Cartwright (me)
Middle row, left to right : ??, ??, Neil Taylor,
Front left to right : Gary Nugent, Keith Nugent.Photograph and detail courtesy of Ian Cartwright

2 thoughts on “St Johns School Football Team – 1967/8

  1. Hi Ian, John Bowron, Trevor Collett, Paul Fisher, Trevor Teet or Tiite. I have a photo somewhere with me on the team. I must have been dropped that season!!!..I remember the good times at St.Johns.

  2. Mr Stones again. I remember the strip. Orange & Black. I played for the school team more than once. One thing I can remember is scoring a goal from the half way line into the goal that would have been towards what is now know as the ring road. It was a windy day and the wind helped it on it’s way.

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