Remembrance Sunday, Thornaby 2017

The Remembrance Parade was led by the Billingham Silver Band to the Cenotaph on Acklam Road, Thornaby. The people in the photographs are ? Butterworth, Allan Huitson, ? Hughes, Derek Brittain and Irene Jessop.

Photographs and details courtesy of Derek Brittain.

Unknown Ceremonial Regalia – Can anyone help?

My sister and I have been trying to find out the meaning of our great grandfather’s ceremonial regalia.  We would love to know what club, trade council, or civic body John Bowker belonged to. Our mother (his granddaughter), has never known why he wore this uniform and it would be great to tell her.

John Bowker was born in 1868 in Skipton, and was a Master Tailor in Stockton-on-Tees, which included making the uniforms for officers. We do not have a date for the photograph, but we think he may have been about 65 years old, which brings it to 1933.

Any information about his regalia would be much appreciated.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mary Richardson.

Stockton Remembrance 2017 – The Tributes and the Poppy Truck

The ‘Poppy Truck’ was very impressive and travelled from it’s base near Hull to attend several events in the north east over Remembrance weekend. The wreath for Private Ernest Taylor of the Grenadier Guards had featured recently on Picture Stockton as had Major Edward Cooper VC whose wreath was laid by Neil Schneider on behalf of the Council.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Thornaby Remembrance Parade and Service, Sunday 12 November 2017

Pictures taken at the Thornaby Remembrance Parade and Service on Sunday 12 November 2017. The two gents stood in front of the Cenotaph on Acklam Road are Thornaby boys F/L Allan Huitson RAFVR(T) and Derek Brittain who were pupils together at Westbury Street Junior School.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Coronation Day, Stokesley Crescent in Billingham

This photograph was taken on June 2nd 1953 in Stokesley Crescent, Billingham. I only have very faint recollections of the day and the only people I can name are myself, the dismal looking squab with an eye patch in the middle of the second row from the front and the little head at the very bottom of the picture, Dave Willoughby. Fortunately another person in the photograph has a better memory than I have, she is Susan Lewis and the following are her words…

‘This was Coronation day in 1953, it rained heavily which is why we are all crammed into somebody’s house, I think it may have been the Stephenson’s house.

Viewing the photograph from left to right the back row has Hilton Brown at the left with a bugle affair, third from left is my brother Tony dressed as ‘Just William’ with Valentine Gallagher dressed as a washerwoman at the far right.

Second row from the back we have one of the Murray sisters at the far left, they were Yvonne and Sandra, the other sister is ‘Miss Britain’, I think Yvonne was the elder but I’m not certain.

I am the bewildered looking child with the big red, white and blue bullseye on my chest and head to the left of the front row, I remember the dye running from the crepe paper because of the rain.

Next to me is Hilton Browns sister, Hazel.

The three Wrench brothers, Derek, David and Barry are as follows, Derek is the cowboy with the brown waistcoat, David is half obscured in front of Val Gallagher and Barry is the unhappy looking ‘Blacked-up’ boy, the boys mother Renee is the dark haired woman to the right behind Robin Hood.

The girl in the pale blue hat and blue checked shirt is Marjorie Duncan and Robin Hood is one of the Stephenson boys, Joe I think, his mother is the sandy haired lady to the right of centre of the picture’.

Four of the children in this photograph became teachers, Susan Lewis, Tony Lewis, Joe Stephenson and myself Brian Storey. If anybody can add names to any of these faces then please do get in touch.

Photograph courtesy of Brian Storey, details courtesy of Brian Storey, Susan Lewis.

Susan is the author of ‘Home On The Range – Growing Up On Teesside In The 1950s & 60s’, Billingham Library have a copy in the local interest section.

Chuck McCorkell in the Castlegate/Tower Street area c1951

Two photographs of my late uncle Charles “Chuck” McCorkell near his place of work in the early 1950s, the one with the mean looking motorcycle is outside his workplace the other with him hanging on to a loco was farther down toward the quayside, obviously Health And Safety wasn’t such an issue in those days.

In the loco photograph Chuck is fashionably dressed in trousers with super wide bottoms and a two tone knitted waistcoat that always seemed to be in maroon and pale blue, I too wore such waistcoats ten years after this picture was taken.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Portrack and Portrack/Tilery Primary School c1949

Two views of “Old Portrack” taken from the NCAP Scottish Library collection. They date from May 1949. Portrack stayed much the same until the mid-fifties when demolition began.
All that remains is part of St Annes Terrace and the more modern buildings of what, in my time, was called Portrack Primary. They run at about 30 degrees from the left hand corner of the lower picture. The taller buildings, which are at right angles to these, were demolished in the eighties, but there is a colour picture on Picture Stockton. These housed the infants, aged 5 to 7. The modern buildings covered the ages 8 to 11, when we would do our 11 plus.
The buildings surrounding the smaller playground belonged to the nursery classes and the school dinner canteen. They were temporary wartime structures, I believe and have now gone. The school dinners were appalling, but we nursery children were forced to eat it.

Details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Voluntary Entertainment Service Badge

This badge belonged to my mother Freda Thornton. During World War II she was one of a troupe of entertainers who went around the local military sites entertaining those troops serving on the Home Front. She recalled the troupe visiting Kiaora, Wynyard, and various ack-ack batteries. The members of this and similar troupes were presented with these badges. The Voluntary Entertainment Service was a branch of the more widely known E.N.S.A. This badge was given in the North of England as it was issued by the “Northern Command”.
It measures 25 mm in diameter, and is made of white enamel on chromium plating.

Photograph and details courtesy of Cliff Thornton.