Unknown c1964

t15422This photograph was taken on the afternoon of August 15,1964. It is outside the Queens Hotel (now demolished) which was next to Stockton Station. Every time I see it I wonder what became of the young driver. He will now be in his late 60’s early 70’s. Can anyone help me to trace or identify him?

Photograph and details courtesy of John Waller.

The Brand Family of Stockton

t15419 t15420








t15421The first photograph shows my great grandparents, William Wylie Brand and his wife Rosehannah,  they ran the Waverley dining rooms within the Waverly Hotel on Stockton High Street during the 1890s.

The other two photographs are of a gentleman who’s identity I am curious about. I don’t know when they were taken or where but possibly around about the turn of the century. Any help would be much appreciated.

Photographs and details courtesy of Chris Shields.

ICI Billingham Coal Hydrogenation Site

t15417This picture looks like it was taken from an aeroplane flying to the north of the site, probably in the late 1930s. I wonder how realistic this picture is of the Billingham site, although it does show in the far distance the Newport Bridge?
I understand that Ordnance Survey maps did not show the location of the plant, as it was built before WWII to produce high octane petrol for aircraft engines. It is also interesting that the actual coal hydrogenation units are not marked. Were they under the arch-like building at the lower centre of the picture?

Image and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Loco shunting at St.John’s Crossing c1964

t15391Diesel shunter no. D3151 shunts wagons at St. John’s Crossing, which was where the railway line that went down to the quay, crossed Bridge Road, Stockton. It was also where the original terminus of the Stockton & Darlington Railway was. It is recognised by a plaque on one of the nearby buildings. Taken 28 November,1964.

Photograph and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

Bridge Road, Stockton c1896

t15418This snapshot c1896 taken outside the Alexandra Hotel on Bridge Road looking across the Victoria Bridge to Thornaby is full of interesting detail.
On the right the offices of a short lived newspaper, The Stockton and Thornaby News, proprietor Hall Smith of Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough which went into liquidation in 1898.
A sign by the lane far right marks the Hide Skin and Tallow plant which was probably further down by the river. At the entrance workmen appear to be laying cables. The tram generating plant was also on this site further back.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Smith.

Angel Room, Portrack Grange, Stockton c1950s

The ‘Angel Room’ which was part of the Portrack Grange cottages is believed to have been a Georgian tavern used by sea captains. The cottages stood on the bend of the River Tees before cuts were made to straighten the river. The plaster-work seen in the photographs is dated early to mid-18th century. The buildings were possibly some of the first brick buildings in Stockton (c1660s) and were apparently demolished c1959.