Recently Painted Newport Bridge, July 2018

This unusual but easily accessible view of the Newport Lift Bridge shows it in its new paint scheme. Note the cables that run down to the central section of the bridge, which once upon a time could be lifted, and also the huge balance weights on the opposite sides of each tower. The more recent A19 road bridge can be seen in the background. Also is a gas holder belonging to Newport Gasworks in the middle foreground. The gasworks is long gone and the gas holder itself is not long for this world. But from where was this picture taken?

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Steam Loco Gradwell

Gradwell in the yard with George and Tom.

She was built by the Sentinel Waggon Co., works (No. 9377) in 1947 for Bolton Gas Works, who sold her in the early 1950s to Whittingham Asylum Railway in Lancashire, where she worked passenger trains. They sold her in 1958 to the Tyne Tees Shipping Co., where she worked until 1965.

Photograph and details courtesy of John.

The Last Billingham Urban District Council c1967/68

I was living in Billingham when this the very last Urban District Council was disbanded and replaced by the Teesside authority. All of these names and all of these faces will be mostly forgotten, the only member of this council I remember is Jim Tatchell and that is only because he lived around the corner from me. The one person I do remember was Fred M Dawson who was clerk to the council from 1947 to 1967 and he isn’t in this picture.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Former Richard Hind Walk

These photographs show Richard Hind Walk housing estate built on the old school, hope they are of interest to former pupils no longer living in the area.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Robson.

Class Photograph, Final Year at Richard Hind

Mr Olver was the Headteacher on the left and the famous Ikey Moses on the right. Back row; Norman Stephenson, Nigel Bond, Colin Brewster, Billy Wrenick, Malcom Amos, Ian Pirie, Leonard Fawcett, Eric Short, Barry Hewitson.

Next row down; Christine Collinson, Grace Cane, Paula Ballentine, Janice Peters, Carol Murphy, Victoria Porteous, Sandra Johnston.

Next row down; David Williams, Linda Booth, Jill Moody, Marie Wilson, Elinor Smith, Wendy Wood, Dawn Chambers, Jean Calvert, Donald Johnston. Bottom Row; Stuart Fellows, John Dale, Alan Dickinson, Jimmy McConnel, Geoffrey Steele, Brian Ostle. Sorry for those names that I may have spelt incorrectly..

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Pirie.

50th Anniversary of Stockton Castings Portrack

This picture of a 50th Anniversary Celebration at Stockton Castings was taken from a booklet commemorating the history of foundries on Teesside. There is an even earlier set of pictures from 1947.

I was loaned a copy by Mr Alex Fleming of the company, following a visit by members of the Newcomen Society for the Study of Industrial History and Engineering, on 17th July 2018. So Stockton Castings have now been going for over 70 years. Our members were very impressed by the way the foundry is now laid out, to ease manhandling and ensure that the castings are of the highest integrity.

Courtesy of Fred Starr.

ICI Documents

These papers were found by Norman Kidd among his deceased fathers belongings.

The first is a letter from Mr A.T.S. Zeally, the Chairman of ICI at that time, celebrating 25 years production of Ammoia at ICI Billingham. The second are rare papers from 1942 stating what ICI did during the war. The photograph is of the Synthetic & Ammonia Nitrates Ltd Supply Departments Outing to Ullswater on June 24th 1928.