Dads Shed Business, Knowles Street, Stockton

t14128This photograph shows my Dads shed business taken in Knowles Street. The Westminster Bank can be clearly seen the background.  The building is still there, but no longer a bank. The exact date of the photograph is not known, however it must be before 1964, when we moved down South.

I do not know the two people in the photograph, they could be models used for advertising… Does anyone have any information or recognise either gentleman?  Also the board leaning against the shed is advertising, F.M. Donachie, 42 Westbourne Road.  I would interested in any information about this person too.

Photograph and details courtesy of Carol Smith.

Unknown Yard and Houses c1902

t5944Possibly the Housewifes Lane area of Stockton…

The following is an extract from Heavisides Almanack, 1902.

‘In the passing of years, many changes have taken place in the old town. I recall in my youth that the lamplighter used to arm with a ladder and small lantern, nimbly ascend the lamp-post, open a small door, apply his lantern light, slide down the sides of the ladder, and in a half-run continue his course from one lamp to another, round the whole town’.

Photograph taken from the Heavisides Collection.

Three Sisters, Billingham Forum c1976

t14019The Forum Theatre, Billingham presented Anton Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ from 10 – 15 May 1976. Top of the bill here were Janet Suzman, Nigel Davenport and Peter Eyre. In the 1970s you could dine in the Forum and the menu looks very reasonable to me. A basket meal was 65p and a 3 course meal was hugely expensive at £1.50! On some arranged nights you could meet the cast from the current show.

Image and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

The Sunleys, Victoria Terrace Chip Shop Owners

t14101This photograph shows my mum Eva Jennie Sunley (Hill) and Clarice Sunley (left). They are in the backyard stood next to the potato peeler which was used to supply the families chip shop situated on Victoria Terrace, Norton Road c1930.

This later became a pet shop before being rebuilt as work wear supplies c1970.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

Getting ready for the Giant reveal, Stockton High Street 2015

In preparation to mark the completion of Stockton Town Centre’s regeneration an eight metre wide eagle and a giant were put into place on the High Street. The eagle and giant are part of a magical show by Spanish theatre company, Carros de Foc. Among the many activities being held during the celebrations are puppet-making, face-painting, storytelling, crazy golf, soccer skills, street theatre and live music. (The photographs of the Giant sat on the chair are courtesy of Brian Wilson) March 2015.

Christmas Dinner Dance for British Refraisal, Stillington c1950

t14081A group photograph taken at the Christmas Dinner Dance for British Refraisal of Stillington later to be renamed Darchem Chemicals Company. The Workforce at Refraisal was mainly from the Stockton and District Area. Refraisal was the local company who supplied all the Insulation materials and panels for the Concorde Super Sonic Plane in the in the late sixties..
Left to right: Dave Kennedy – Sheet metal and chemical cleaning section, Flossie Kennedy, Della Trotter – worked for the Fenney Brush Company for many years in Stockton as their secretary and Norman Trotter – General Foreman for Holst the large Civil Engineering Company who built most of the Large Water Cooling Towers for ICI in the Billingham and Wilton works.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Richard Hind Girls c1969/70

t14098A photograph taken either the summer of 1969 or the summer of 1970 of 5A girls at Richard Hind Secondary Tech School.

Back row (l-r): Suzanne Lucas, Gwen Carter, Lesley Barber, Leslie Watson, Audrey Neville,Trudy Dodd, Lynda Knott.

Middle row (l-r):  Christine Paine, Sally Witts, Christine Fawdon, Lorraine Hodgeson.

Front Row (l-r); Catherine Bell, Elizabeth Hindmarsh, Dylis Hymer?, Corinne Smith.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

Newham Grange under 14’s Football Team c1947


This team would all be in their eighties now… Back Row (L-R): Keith Farraday, Les Mitchell (Captain), Peter Wrigglesworth, Tommy Rigg (GK), John Callum, Ray Frost, Trevor Briggs.

Front Row (L-R): John Cartwright, Danny Jones, Charlie Peacock, Charlie Rose, Benny Brown. Front row kneeling is Alan Cartwright.

This team played in blue shirts with white shorts or black shorts if white shorts were not available. Three of the team have lived in Australia for many years now, Charlie Peacock lives in Whyalla, South Australia , Les Mitchell lives in Lemon Tree Passage, New South Wales and Benny Brown lives in Melbourne, Victoria. It would be interesting to know the whereabouts of the rest of the team and what they have been doing for the past sixty odd years.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

2nd Norton Boys Brigade Company c1944/45

t14088A photograph of the 2nd Norton Boys Brigade Company taken outside St. Michael’s Mission Room. I have mentioned the names of the people I can remember but I am sure some old Nortonians will be able to put names to other faces. Many of the older boys played bugle and drums in the band which paraded regularly around the streets of Norton after Sunday morning service at St. Michael’s Church, lead by Mace bearer Harry Charlton. My husband Brian was one of the side drummers and his brother Ivor played the big bass drum.

Back row; Rev. Ledgard, John Ison (Capt.), Ray Butler, Brian Hodgson, Tommy Seaman, Billy Johnson, ??, George Booth, Maurice Smith, Malcolm Wren, Matt Moses.

Middle Row: ??, ??, B. Willis, ??, ??, ??, Harry Charlton, ??, ??, ??, Ivor Hodgson, ??.

Front Row: ??, ??, ??, ??, T. Wharton, Trevor Davies, John Forsyth, ??, ??, Ken Littlefair, Stan Marwood (officer).

Photograph and details courtesy of Margaret Hodgson.

The Flying Scotsman, May 1964

t14082Just about the most famous steam engine of all time is the Flying Scotsman taken by my cousin John Hardy, 9 May 1964. The Flying Scotsman had just been overhauled at Darlington Works and she was pulling a ‘steam special’.

The location is the railway crossing next to the former Norton-on-Tees railway station. The buildings to the right of the photograph are part of the long gone village of Calf Fallow, pronounced Carr Falla by the locals. The white building is owned by the Stockton Stone and Concrete company.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Hardy and Martin Birtle.

Ellen & Robert Johnston, Thornaby

A photograph of my great grandparents Ellen and Robert Johnston c1890s and a photograph of Ellen outside 12 Whitwell Street, Thornaby which I believe was taken in the 1940s. Golden Wedding Anniversary telegrams sent 17 August 1946 to Ellen and Robert from their grandson Bill.

Photographs and details courtesy of Penny Lindo.

The Kennedy Sisters from Stillington c1943

t14084A photograph showing the three Kennedy sisters from Stillington c1943. Marie the youngest (on the left, aged 8) worked in Stockton High Street for Gerald Goldstone Accountants. Hilda (on the right, aged 14) worked for Darchem Chemicals, and Della (in the centre, aged 16 years) worked for Fenny Brush Works Stockton. Marie developed into a fine lady athlete as a sprinter, Hockey and Netball player. Marie competed against many of the top lady runners of the time such as Fanny Blankers Kohne the Dutch Olympic Champion who won five gold medals at the London Olympic Games, Marjorie Jackson, Shirley Strickland, Betty Cuthbertson the Australian Champions and many others in her teens. Marie died in 2007 in Australia. The other two sisters still live in the Teesside area.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Brush Type 4 diesel pulling the Royal Train, Billingham Station c1960s

IH0017A brush type 4 (class 47) diesel pulling the Royal train with the Queen on board, carrying the appropriate headcode 1XO1.

The train is being signalled into the loop between Billingham and Norton where presumably the English Electric Class 3 (class 37) attaches to the rear to take down towards the ICI factory c1960s.

Photograph courtesy of Ivan Harrington.