Junior Team, Norton Cricket Club c1942

t14077A team shot of Norton Cricket Club junior team from the year 1942. Players are normally aged up to 16 and in 1942 my late father, Tom Birtle, was the skipper of the team. The team was good enough to win a cup and league double and in this photograph Dad is holding one of the trophies. I’m afraid I don’t know the identities of any of his team mates.

The photograph is also interesting in that it shows the old wooden buildings on the Norton ground which were demolished in the 1960s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Staff from Newtown Infants School

t13712Two photographs of Newtown Infants School Staff in 1980.  My mum Anne Bellerby has included as many names as she can remember…

Back Row (l-r): Gill Beaumont, Margaret Sawyer, Dianne Cassidy, Kath Marlow and Margaret Shepard
Front Row (l-r): Anne Bellerby, Jean Lowery, Val Watkins, Mrs Glasswell (Head Mistress), Ruth Bowbanks, Jean McKinley and May Buckle.

Photograph courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

1st Wolviston Scouts c1958


The photograph shows Neil Pallister (a regular contributor/commentator on Picture Stockton) receiving his Queens Scout certificate in 1958 from George Tinkler, District Commissioner for Billingham District. Also in the photograph are John (‘Johnny’) Antrobus, Group Scoutmaster, stood behind Neil; Dennis Johnston, Senior Scoutmaster on George Tinkler’s right; Dennis Young, far right; me (Keith Parnaby) in the middle of the picture with the half-closed eyes!; Les Lake in front of me with his face half hidden; Brian Hancock, back row second left and Alan (?) Richardson back row third left. There are many other familiar faces but whose names I can’t remember at this stage. Perhaps others can fill in some of the gaps.

The presentation took place in Wolviston Church Hall, now a private residence which features elsewhere on the Picture Stockton website.

Ewbank Estate, Stockton c1977

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Photographs of the Ewbank Estate being built. The views were taken from the back of Tarring Street, Stockton c1977.

Photographs and details courtesy of Malcolm Corner.

Blacketts FC, November 1964

t14044This photograph taken in November 1964 is the football team I played for, Blacketts FC, and all the players worked or had connections with Blacketts on Stockton High Street. My father worked at Blacketts and that is how I got into the team. I am on the extreme right of the back row. I believe the photograph was taken at Tilery recreation ground. Unfortunately I am unable to put names to faces, can anyone help?

Photograph and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

Unknown Swim Team c1920s

t14042The third boy from the left in the front row is Albert Victor Oliver who lived in Lord Nelson’s Yard in Yarm from approximately 1916-1923. I believe the photograph was taken in Yarm, or a location nearby where there might have been swimming lessons provided or competitions performed.

Can anyone identify this location?  Did Yarm have such facilities in that time period? If there were no facilities in Yarm, were there facilities in surrounding areas?

Photograph and details courtesy of Virginia Gormley.

Down by the Riverside, Stockton c1966

t14037 t14038The first photograph shows the Corporation Quay in working mode with two vessels tied up. The ship furthest away from the camera, the M/V Nelly, then turns herself round ready to sail back out of the Tees in the second photograph. The factory buildings in the background are Head Wrightsons. By 1966 most of the goods leaving Stockton were scrap.

Just for the record the M/V Nelly was built in West Germany in 1957. So she is only 9 years old in 1966. Alas she didn’t get much older as she was sunk in 1967 following a collision in the North Sea. She weighed in at about 500 tonnes.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Hardy and Martin Birtle.

Billingham Branch Overbridge, 2014

The historic Billingham Branch rail bridge was a major advance, being the first in Britain to be built using welded steel construction. It was built in 1932 to carry the approach road to the Newport Lift Bridge, over the Billingham Branch Railway, which was itself quite new, coming into service in 1920.

The pictures show that both the internal and external design have been beautifully laid out, with the vertical members being cut to form a curved shape. It could easily be taken to a bridge that had been designed in the late 1970s.

The man in one of the pictures is Mr Charles Morris a distinguished civil engineer from Teesside. Some years ago he was responsible for strengthening the haunches of the Billingham Branch Bridge as they were tending to move inwards. According to Mr Morris, soil conditions in Teesside are not good for heavy civil engineering projects, and this has made bridge construction quite difficult.

Photographs and details courtesy of Fred Starr


Present Laughter, Billingham Forum c1974

t14018The Forum Theatre, Billingham presented Noel Coward’s Present Laughter from 5 – 20 July, 1974. You may be surprised at the quality of the casts and I have included some of the star names from each show:

Starred Peter Wyngarde who as Jason King in the 1970s was a massive TV star for several years. I can recall seeing his Rolls Royce parked up at Billingham Town Centre. Hildegard Neil and the former pop star Mark Wynter were also in this show. Mr Wyngarde also starred at the Forum in Dracula which was a sell out the night I saw it.

Image and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.