Class Photograph, Billingham South School c1962

A class photograph taken at Billingham South School c1962, the teacher is Mrs/Miss Morgan.
As I remember.. front row 2nd left to middle is Lilian Kennedy, 5th left is Anne Walker and to the right of the teacher is Dorcas Charlton.
Centre row… 10th left is Glen Walker (I believe he emigrated to Canada) and back row…
8th from the left is Keith Jacks (his parents ran the Three Horseshoes at Cowpen Bewley) and 9th is Alan Melville, I wish I could remember the rest but 56 years is a long time.

Photograph and details courtesy of Kenneth Robinson.

Heritage Open Day at Thornaby Town Hall, 2018

Having attended the recent heritage open day at Thornaby Town Hall, I though I would share some photos showing progress on the restoration.

After comparing with the Gazette images from 2017 you can see that excellent progress is being made, especially to repair the plasterwork ceiling of the main council chamber, great workmanship takes time. The shape of the plot and the central spiral staircase results in a very quirky layout inside. Thanks go to all the volunteers involved in the open day.

Photographs and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

Woolworths Staff

I believe this photograph was taken in the early 1950s as my mother Eileen Southall, 14th from either left or right of the photo looks to be in her 20s. She was born in 1928 and has lived in Norton for most of her life.

I don’t know any other names, maybe others can help put names to faces.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jan Hemblade.

Newport Bridge at Night

Occasionally the new set of lights on the Newport Bridge are put on for a short display. Stainton’s, over at Billingham Reach, who installed this well engineered set of computer controlled LED lights, will, work commitments permitting, provide the manpower to do the full show. However, permission comes from the Highways and Transport Department in Stockton who are responsible for the Newport Bridge and any the impact that the lighting might have on traffic. Accordingly demos tend to be in the late evening.

Members of the Newcomen Society for the Study of Industrial History, who were up on Teesside for the first time, were lucky enough to get a chance to see what it was like, and viewed it in the middle of a late evening thunderstorm. Everyone got soaked. But the display was not a washout, with the thunder and lighting adding to the excitement. These pictures don’t do justice to what was seen.

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Billingham Synthonia Football Club

Billingham Synthonia Football Club played on the Central Avenue ground for 60 years until the end of the 2016/17 season, they then moved to play at the Norton ground. As you can see the Central Avenue ground has suffered badly in the last year. A sad sight for Northern League football fans like myself.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Class Photograph, Redbrook Primary School c1963

This photograph was taken at Redbrook Primary School c1963.  It is the class photo of the last year.  Mr Brown the Headmaster is on the left and Mr Gardner the class teach on the right.  Apologies in advance if I have any names wrong.

Back row: David Lofthouse, Peter Rigg, Alan Ward, ??, Stephen ?, ? Plews, Brian Winter, Geoffrey ?, ??, ??, Malcolm ?, ??, Anthony?

Middle row: ??, David Ward, Linda Ord, Susan Oliphant, Barbara ?, ??, Maureen ?, Heather ?, Anne ?, Alice McConnell, Gail Honeyman, Alan Briggs, Eric Seviers.

Front Row: ??, me (Susan Rawe), Hazel ?, Carol Thornton, Linda ?, Denise Ward, Barbara Swales, Christine Lavrick, Dorothy ?, Ann Ward, ??, ??, ??.

Photograph and details courtesy of Sue Murray.

Wolviston Mill c1906

There has been recent comment about Wolviston Mill and as as to whether it was a water mill, this picture from 1906 clearly shows the water wheel, I don’t know where it was sited but Wolviston’s Mill Lane ran down to the footbridge over Billingham Beck to an area we always knew as ‘The Old Mill’, this was at the end of Station Road in Norton and had what I think may have been a concrete works, the works was on a high promontory above the beck and was covered in waste cement that had been poured from the top.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

St Gerard’s School Football Team c1955

A photograph showing the Football Team from St Gerard’s School, Haverton Hill c1955. I do believe we won a game but cannot recall the name of our opponents, or if indeed it was just a dream…

Back row (l-r); Mr D Carroll (best teacher ever), Terry Lavery, Terry Callaghan, Cecil Crinnion, Petter Nugent, John Waller, Micky Daniels. Headmaster Mr Morrisey.
Front row (l-r); Frankie McGrogan, Tony Crinnion, Charlie Kennedy, Billy McGreal, Frankie Kennedy.
Nice to see old photographss of Haverton Hill to remind us of how things used to be.

Photograph and details courtesy of Cecil Crinnion.

Ashmore, Benson & Pease Company Memorial Plaques, August 2018

The Ashmore, Benson & Pease Co., 1914 – 1918 memorial plaque from the Bowesfield Works. It reads:

“Lest We Forget”
To the enduring memory of comrades from these works, who gave their lives, in the Great War. 1914 – 1918
Appleby J, Evis P.C, Owen A, Branson F.A,  Foster C.E, Ramsey J, Brown E, Jackson E, Rowntree J.N, Clasper T.S, King J, Scott G.S, Craggs C.E., Martin W.H, Doughty H, O’Brien P.

Also nearby is the foundation/commemoration stone for South Works. It reads:

1873 – 1951
The Power Gas Corporation Ltd. Ashmore Benson & Pease Company
This stone commemorates the establishment of the South Works and was and was unveiled on the 14th July 1951 by Wilfred Beswick and Alfred Lonsdale

Both are in dubious condition and can be found in the car park of Jacobs office on Bowesfield.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alec Moody.

Thornaby Airfield c1958

This photograph of Thornaby Airfield in 1958 reminded me of a visit to an airshow there with my father in the 1950s.

Two thing stick in my mind about that day out, the first was standing under the open bomb doors of an airplane and looking up at the racks, it seemed to me to be a huge space, it was about the same size as my mothers living room, the second thing was watching a jet plane taxiing along the runway, as it reached the end it turned ready for take off, the runway was edged in cinders and the crowd, myself included, was treated to a shot blasting session as the exhaust pointed toward us.

Another thing I remember at an airshow was an English Electric Lightning doing a fly past and going into a vertical climb and we were looking straight up its exhaust, I am not certain this was at Thornaby as I have been to many airshows over the years, does anybody know if a Lightning ever flew at Thornaby around about 1956.

I have no idea what type of plane this is in the photograph but I am sure somebody will know.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.