8 thoughts on “Aerial photograph of the Furness shipyard

  1. My dad Denis Joyce started his working life age 14 at Haverton Hill as a draughtsman. I have many memories as a child of going to pick him up from work and waiting near the butchers, the only set of shops which still remain.


    • Hi Ann,
      I worked with you dad for several years in the shipyard planning office. I recall that he was also an on-course bookmaker.

      Bill Pearce


  2. Regarding Haverton Hill ship Building yard. Does anyone remember any of my unknown ancestors that worked there. They were called Mckenzie. My great grandfather was called Robert Harper Mckenzie and I believe he was a foreman there till the late 50’s. On his son’s marriage certificate he is down as a boilermaker in 1936.


  3. I also worked in furness shipyard from 1944 till 1951. I started on the premelt machines in the platers sheds then when I was 16 I served my time as a fitter and turner. I did know Jack skinner, I had to see him for a drawing board. My father was a tower crane driver and two of my aunts were cleaners. I am also in Australia. I also knew Bill Kettlewell.


  4. I worked at Furness Shipbuilding Company a little later than Douglas Hearnshaw from 1952 until 1958 as an apprentice Joiner and remember the boss of the joinery department as Jack Skinner a long time employee.The work environment in those days could only be described as tough compared to modern day and to this day I still remember that awful smell that came from surrounding industries, mainly ICI. I am now living in Australia and a few years ago a friend sent me a booklet entitled “50 Years in Haverton Hill” written by a Bill Kettlewell who I knew many years ago. It brought back many memories. Has anyone read it. There were photos of people I had long since forgotten,fantastic.


    • Hi Bill. I have Bill’s book and also another by Colin Hatton. Great books and some good memories.
      I’m George Morris and used to live in st Vincent street. Haverton.
      Did work at Furness at one time.
      Now living in Hertfordshire .
      Great country (Oz) that you’re now living in.
      All the best.


  5. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Furness Shipbuilding Company. I worked there as an apprentice Ship design draughtsman during the war from 1939 to 1946, and would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of this company and this work environment.


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