A steam train on Yarm Viaduct. c1975

S898A view of steam locomotive No. 4771, Green Arrow an LNER A3, hauling a passenger train with a variety of carriages, over Yarm Viaduct. Yarm Viaduct was built 1849-51 for the Leeds Northern Railway and consists of 43 arches of brick, except those over the River Tees which are of stone. Possible c1975

6 thoughts on “A steam train on Yarm Viaduct. c1975

  1. Hello all, I can proudly say my father C.S.Wilkinson was a driver who drove this train in I think 1986, from Darlington to cumbria. thanks for the memory His son RIP C.S.Wilkinson


  2. This picture was taken late on the Saturday evening, around 19.30hrs. I was photographing the loco from the other side of the overbridge. Green Arrow carried on to Thornaby MPD where it remained (possibly just overnight prior to going to Shildon for the S&DR 150 cavalcade). I think the carriages formed part of the National Railway Museum coaching stock, and I believe Green Arrow was a NRM exhibit at that time


  3. Your caption of the “Green Arrow” is incorrect. She is a V2, not an A3. Both locomotives were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, designer of the speed record holder “Mallard”. The V2s are considered by many to be his finest design. Loved the photograph – more so as I was brought up just outside Yarm and went to school there. Best wishes Dave Oyns


  4. The year is indeed 1975, in fact some time between the 4th and the 11th of August,and the train is a mixed train of preserved carriages destined for the Rail 150 celebrations at Darlington and Shildon at the end of that month.


  5. Careful inspection will show that the 6th and 8th arches from the right are smaller than their neighbours. This is because they have had reinforcing ribs added. Best seen from the 9th arch over Bridge Street.


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