South View of Stockton High Street

Postcard showing High Street South. Also showing Barrys, store the Royal Hotel and The Empire Cinema
This picture is looking right down Bridge Road. The Royal Hotel is behind the picture and to the left. (This information was kindly provided by Gordon Crawford)

6 thoughts on “South View of Stockton High Street

  1. Martin Spires – Martin can”t make out the right hand side advert, but the other one is a guy running to save his Guinness from an industrial crane grab. That one I remember along with the ostrich with two lumps, glasses of Guinness, stuck in its throat. The wording in both was My Goodness My Guinness!


  2. Can anyone make out the two advert posters above Barry”s Shop. The one on the left looks like a person running for something and the right advert for a pair of boots or something similar.


  3. The building just to the right of Barry”s is The Royal Insurance Company offices. They subsequently moved to the other side of Yarm lane opposite the premises shown in the photo.


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