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  1. Our son attended the Ian Ramsey school for a while, one year he got a very poor school report from his teachers that contained comments such as: “Does not try, “Shows no interest in this subject”, “Very poor performance, “Highly disappointing”, and the old teachers standby “Could try harder”. At the bottom of this report form his teacher had added her comments which were equally as bad, if not worse!, In the parents reply section I wrote “Our son is without doubt the cleverest boy in this school, and I can only imagine that he must be bored stiff with the work given, and the teachers are unable to engage with him, or to interest him (in any way).” Unknown to the form teacher years earlier, we had got a school report from a private school in Leeds that said “When you first meet XYZ (our son) you will not appreciate how talented he is, and you will be totally unaware that behind that boyish smile lurks one of the most impressive minds it’s been our privilege to teach.”
    Following Ian Ramseys receipt of my parents comments we were asked to attend the school to speak with his form teacher, who on our arrival quickly adopted the attitude that being the boy’s parents we were overestimating our sons abilities, and for good measure added that she had been teaching for years and knew her job and that the report was fair, correct and accurate. When I informed her “that XYZ (our son) was a genius” she laughed as if to say “I know best and you’re son is way below average and won’t ever amount too much in life.”
    Needless to say: After he left this school and a few years later he was offered a place in a prestigious University to study Physics, 3 years later he completed a PhD thesis making him a Doctor of Mathematics, following on from this he was sponsored by the Royal Navy to investigate ship propulsion problems, afterwards he represented the UK at an international conference held in the United States on mathematical problems relating to propeller design and damage thereto. This conference was attended by major representatives from Boeing Aircraft Coprn, Seattle and McDonnell Douglas, with both companies seeking him to join them (he was head hunted by them to join their aircraft propeller design teams) I suspect that in British schools similar mistakes to this are occurring each year.

  2. Hi, I am trying to contact anyone who went to Ian Ramsey from 1977 to 1982. I would love to hear from you .
    I have lived in Australia since 1988 and I am planning a holiday home next year.

    Kind Regards,

    Julie Hasel (McConnell)

    • hi Julie

      I did not go to Ian Ramsey but my sister did so I was looking on this site for something for her. However I think you maybe Barbra and Eddies daughter? If you are, just thought I would say hello, how are you? My sister would have been your sister-in-law when married to Keith McConnel? I remember you from visits when they lived with you after the birth of her daughter Suzanne. If you are not the right person, apologies, please ignore but if you are, I thought it would be nice for you to hear back from someone in the UK who remembered you.

  3. Hi, I attended Ian Ramsey Comprehensive School as it used to be known 1977 – 1982 and just had a desire to look up my old school when I found the last post I made 10 years ago. I would live to hear from anyone that remembers me as I often think about old friends now I have teenagers if my own. I emigrated to Australia in

    • Hi Julie I remember you we were good friends in our teens. At school you should remember me as Sharon Murgatroyd we last saw each other 31 years ago when my first daughter was born I was 18 at the time I remember you had just come back to Stockton after living in Hartlepool. Would be lovely if you could see this post and get in touch either through Facebook (Sharon Yearwood) or email take care love Sharon xx

  4. Max Underhill did indeed pass away on 15th March aged 89 years. He was stalwart of the old Grammar School and a much loved teacher. He taught Art & Woodwork. His funeral is at St Hildas Chapel, Teesside Crematorium next Friday (27th March) at 1.45pm.

    • Since I left SGS in 1956 I kept up an intermiitent correspondence with Max. He was a memorable teacher, sharply professional but also witty and sympathetic. Besides teaching art and woodwork he taught technical drawing, and was a practising painter himself. In one exhibition his starkly expressionist paint ‘The Black Madonna’ led to the press dubbing him “l’enfant terrible of North East artists,” which he took as a compliment. He instilled in me a lifelong interest in art, and – along with Geoff Corrin, still alive and well enough in Newcastle – a skeptically critical approach to national affairs. Max was certainly “one of the good guys” at SGS.

  5. So sad to hear that Max Underhill the old woodwork teacher has died on March 15th as announced in The Evening Gazette. He was a very nice man. I often used to see him even twenty five, thirty years after leaving Ian Ramsey School, he remembered me and he would spend a few minutes to chat. Such a shame. He must have been a good old age.

  6. I went to sir Ian Ramsey 1973-76
    Mr Bliss was headmaster a fantastic man he had twin daughters Shirley and I had a lovely meal with his family one Xmas time I remember Mr Palmer woodwork that room was our registration room,I also recall the PE teacher we called him the pink panther. Can anybody recall Bobby and Jackie Charlton visiting,The Indian summer was my exam year spent most of that summer sunbathing and revising.

    • I remember the pink panther. Also a wonderful French and German teacher – Mrs Haslam. Mr Llewellyn for Biology. Mr Kinsman for maths in lower school was a character, as was the English teacher we called Previn although I can’t remember his real name. His colleague Mr Alcock was a bit stiff, so moving on to Previn who really brought English to life was a relief. I left in 1978 -not such a hot summer but still plenty of time to lie out on the sports pitch by the roller.

  7. I just heard from my brother, who lives a few doors along Fairfield Road, that it is being demolished. After only 51 years. The mosaic wall onthe chapel was dedicated to someone whose name I cannot recall, and his family paid for the chapel/hall of which it forms part, to be built. I wonder how they feel about it?

    • I believe the mosaic (and the wall it’s attached to) is to be retained as part of a new remembrance garden. The school was replaced due to parts of it being unsafe and subsequently condemned. A multi-storey block of portable class rooms had been in use for the previous year. Shame about the loss of the swimming pool.

        • So the mosaic (The Holy Spirit) has gone, the school says…

          “Unfortunately, the school was informed that the cost of keeping the wall and the mosaic in situ would be prohibitive and, due to health and safety issues, nor would we be able to create a fenced area outside the new build.”

          ahhh but…

          “We are delighted to announce that the mosaic has been reproduced digitally on vinyl and has been replicated in almost life-size form and is now on show in our Main Hall In the new building. Postcards are available from our Community Reception should you wish to have a souvenir copy. ”

          …well I guess that’s something.

  8. We had some good times and some bad, but I will never forget any experience because it has made me who I am. Throughout my time there I saw two heads, two tutors and two heads of year, let’s just say not all of choices were the best, but that’s Ramsey! I worked hard and got some excellent exam results, some of which I couldn’t have done without the teachers. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me. I hope that I can take a gap year after college, go to Australia and volunteer in Africa before moving to London to study medicine.

    At times I hated you Ramsey, but I could not have got where I am today without you, so thanks and I’ll see you again someday!

    • Stockton Grammar 1969 – Ian Ramsey 1973.
      My abiding memory was the shock I got as a working class kid from Oxbridge Juniors confronted with teachers (masters) in gowns, older boys with beards and sideburns and having to learn the school song in latin – I can still sing all the words now but still don’t understand what they mean. I remember playing cricket for the school in the annual match against Durham Clergy and bowling out Canon Wardle-Harper for a duck. The school had pretensions of minor public schooldom I think never quite achieved it with scruffs like me being allowed to attend. I think the grammar school gave some working class kids the chance of a good education but never did me much good. I would have been happier at the secondary modern school or a comp.

  9. I attended Ian Ramsey from 1969 – 1974. I would love to hear from anyone who attended during those years, but I’m particularly interested in trying to find Linda Smith (lived on Rimswell estate when we were in school – Fairwell or Fairville Avenue as I remember), and Carol Blakemore (now Spence I believe). Carol used to live on Windsor Road, Oxbridge. I’ve had no luck on several tries. I would be very grateful if anyone had any info on either of them, or could point them to this site. I loved my years at Ian Ramsey, particularly fourth and fifth year…I would have gladly stayed if we had been allowed.

  10. I was at Fairfield Secondary Modern from 1967 to 1972. The headmaster was the legendary Frank Showell. He was replaced upon retirement by Derek Bliss in 1971. Deputy Head Frank ‘Killer’ Kinsman.19/03/2012 23:25:53

  11. Left ramsey in 1986/87. Used to hang about with Kelly Shepherd, Lynn Powell, Gordon Mcquinney – lots of people, too many to name. Don’t really see many now although bumped into Debbie Jeffcot at xmas, great to catch up. Sometimes see Donno (John Donaldson), Lisa Murray, Lisa Mason. So yeah left with some good memories but also some not so good memories.04/01/2012 20:36:54

  12. Attended from 66 to 73, when it became Ian Ramsey. Interesting times… remembering `Ben` Britten, `Piggy` Cardno… form teacher Mr Willis. And how about Mr Teague the latin teacher.24/11/2011 12:44:16

  13. There is a logbook in the care of Stockton Borough Council’s Museums service. The last I heard of it was that it was in store at the old Billingham Art Gallery.

  14. Does anyone know exactly where the log book (or a copy of it) actually is now for the Blue Coat school in 1730 to 1740?

  15. I attended Ian Ramsey from 1972- 1977, I joined just before we merged with Stockton Grammer we were classed as the last of the Fairfield mob. Mr Bliss was Head, Miss Dixon and Mr Dawes were Deputy Heads, my tutor was Miss Myers other teachers I remember were Mr Wright, Mr Mcfall, Miss Reid, Mr Clarke, Mr Judge. Wish I was back there – life was less hassle. Memories of good times will always be imprinted in my head.

  16. Yeh, Ian Ramsey is awesome. I’m going into Y10 now and I’ve taken lots of opportunities at Ramsey. My Dad went to Ramsey too and broke the Tech Block window in his day (He’s 50 now)

  17. I attended FSS and left in 1969, I loved every minute I was there, except the caning of course!! I remember Mr McDonough, Ms Marshall, Mr Allcock and of course our sexy swimming teacher, who I think everyone has a crush on, Mr Appleby. I have not been back to England in 40 years, having left to go to Australia, but am intending to come this year, 2010. It would be great to catch up with anyone that remembers me. The school as I see it now on the Internet has not changed greatly since I was there but at least it got to include more ‘BOYS’ (our neighbours, at my time, of course!). The memories of my school days are forever imprinted in my head and would love to catch up. Please leave details for contact.

  18. Apparently Miss Read only retired last year..! Its 28 years since I left, and still think of the place.
    A group of us Ex Ian Ramsey pupils are organising a Class of ’82 Leavers Reunion for later this year… I remember you Julie McConnell and John Downes – please ask the Picture Stockton Team for my email address if you would like to contact me.

    • Hi Jackie, I doubt after so long you will get this reply but I would love to
      Contact anyone who went to Ian Ramsey between 77 & 82 !
      Please email me if you receive this,

      Julie Hasel (McConnell)

  19. I went to Ian Ramsey from 1977-1982, great school and have got some great memories – just shared them with some old school friends after 28 years – scary how time flies.

  20. I attended Ian Ramsay Comprehensive from 1971-1976, my first year was at Fairfield Secondary Modern. The next year the 2 schools merged becoming Ian Ramsay. It was a great school. Some of the teachers I remember were – Mrs Dixon(English), Miss Salisbury RE, Mrs Chadwick PE, Mr Walker Physics, Mrs Grenfell French, Miss C Reid/ Mrs Lustard History, Miss J Reid Geography, Mr and Mrs Alcock both English, Mr Ingram Chemistry, Mr Howard Maths.

  21. I went to Ian Ramsey 1977-1982. I have lived in Australia now for 21 years, and often wonder how my class mates are, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. If you went to school the same time as me, please post a message on this web site. Heres to good memories !

  22. I am a current pupil at Ian Ramsey school. I think its a great school to go to and there are so many oppertunities! So far I have been to Richmond with Miss reed which was a great day out. I have been to France in year seven and I thought it was a great experience. I have been offered the chance to go skiing and to do an exchange with a dutch student and cant wait for the next one! I learn French and also Latin, which I find really interesting. I have joined many lunchtime and afterschool activities and I really enjoy doing them. Mr Davidson is a wonderful headteacher and I think Ian Ramsey is the best school ever!

  23. I also went to Ian Ramsey from 1974 to 1978. I moved to Stockton from Canada. It was a modern school and I made some good friends there at the time.

  24. I attended Fairfield Secondary modern as it was then from Oxbridge lane junior school, I think it was from 1968 to august of 1969, when due to compulsory purchase orders, our street”s were knocked down. Alexandra Street, Mary Street, Lightpipehall Rd, Sheraton St etc. So out of the catchment area I had then to attend Hardwick Secondary modern when we moved away. I remember some of the teachers as Mr Riley, Mr Gibson, Mrs Harrison, Mr West. I also sang in the choir under the direction of Mr Gibson. Some of my school friends names: Trevor Wilson, Geoff Cook, Colin Pearson, David Thew, Paul Siddel, Trevor Morris. Mr Showell was still Head I think, Iremember once getting six of the best, having been caught with a ciggie in my pocket.

    • Were you in the same class as Keeler? Christine Jenkins was also at that school and she left to go to Hardwick too. Do you remember a girl who had a horse which she kept in the field next to the school?

  25. I started Ian Ramsey in 1982, I only stayed for two years as my Dad got a job in York so we moved away. It was the best two years I had at school, I made some great friends and really enjoyed bring there. Very very sad to leave! Mrs Allcock was a fab teacher! School was never the same after we left!

  26. I was at stockton grammar and then at Ian Ramsay. I remember Max Underhill (art), “Ben” Britton (gen sci), Hanrahan, Miss Close (french), Mr Ellis (geography), Berriman (biology) and still have (somewhere) one of those “wide” panoromic photos of the entire school pupils and staff (when we had to stand still for 10 minutes or so as the camera scanned around). Great memories. I am now in Florida USA.

    • Hello Andrew, I left SGS in 1959. It was on the old and run-down Garbutt Street site then, and R E Bradshaw had just taken over the headship from the grimly authoritarian Thos Ridley. I still correspond with Max Underhill, and with Geoff Corrin. Max set up my lieflong interest in art, and Geoff started me off with literature for my teaching and publishing career. I hope Florida keeps you well.

      • Let me correct an error I made. I left SGS in 1956 (not 1959). My year included Tom Nossiter, David Stoddart, Alan Kennedy, Alan Medd. My sixth form teachers were ‘Mick’ O’Donnell (Latin), Ray Collin (French)’ and Geoff Corrin (English literature). Geoff became, and remains, a good friend; Mick and Ray remain good memories.

  27. I finished IRS last year after my GCSES come out with excellent grades too! I have to say I enjoyed my time there and the teachers are fantastic. It”s just one or two of the pupils which make it a bore really.

  28. I went to Ramsey 82-87, i enjoyed the school and remember Mrs Hanrahan as my tutor and then Mr Clark in the last few years. I knocked about with Debbie Jeffcott and Emma Sheraton, and work with Emma now. My son goes to Ramsey now and will leave in 2010 and my daughter starts there this September. I still see Sue Hawes, Mark Cook and Claire Dunning.

  29. I went to Ramsey 81-86, what can i say they were the best years, I have great memories of the whole five years. Had been given many bad reports having five brothers in the school before me,,and a hell of a reputation to uphold,i am sure i did an excellent job either way hahah..From Mrs Woods in lower school to the great Mr Bliss and Mr Dawe in the upper school,, all the teachers were fantastic even them whom you dreaded to meet…I did have the pleasure of Miss Read for five years also was my tutor for three years, she was absolutely fantastic,,Miss Hunt Fab My clarke Mr Lindley, Mr&mrs Hanrahan..Mr walker.Mr Cheeseman..OH Mr Riley cant forget him, never,,my nephews both went there and both had a name already but hey loved it just as i did,,,Sometimes wonder what happened to all them who in school with you? I have really enjoyed reading everyones comments…And Thanks to Ramsey for a good start in Life,,,, Michelle Doherty

  30. I left Stockton Grammar School in 1962 when the new building was under construction. After taking GCE “O” level exams, I and a classmate, Robin Lowery were given the task of making a model of the new building from architects drawings, to occupy us in the few weeks before end of term. Max Underhill was the woodwork teacher who supervised the project, and he instilled a lifelong love of all things wood. I went on in later life to be the founder of Teesside Woodturners.

    • I also left the Grammar school in 1962 to take up a position at W Rowntree and Sons department store in Scarborough as a Student Trainee in the Display Department (very happy days). Jonathan was one of my best pals at school along with Graham ‘Basher’ Marshall who I am still in contact with. Sadly I lost contact with Jonathan at the age of 16 when I went to work in Scarborough.
      I must say I was very sad to hear about the death of Max Underhill as he was one of the few masters I greatly admired. It is no coincidence that the subjects he taught were also the ones I excelled at,in fact probably the only ones!
      It is amazing to think that the replacement school to the Norton Road Grammar has now gone, that makes me feel quite old, As it happens the old Grammar had been condemned for 30 years before it was finally pulled down.

  31. I was at IRS for a couple of years “78 to 80 I think. Not a happy time cos i was such a bad lad! I remember Mr bliss and the great swimming pool. Also what was the name of the female geography teacher? Short in stature but not in voice!


  33. i went to Ian ramsey in 1998 and left at the end of year 9 which would of been in 2001 to move over to northern ireland.i am now 20 if any of my class mates remember me i was in mr Dewheirsts class with emma weatheral. bethan mccorick. i have 2 kids and am due to get married next year. i am working as a model now and my partner is a model to. looks like things worked out better for me. i still live in belfast and am enjoying it over here. ian ramsey was a good school. pity i had to leave.

  34. I go to ian ramsey 2004-presant and i <33 it it is the best! my tutor is mr joiner and i take ict and art! best school ever. Im in yr 9

  35. I attended Ian Ramsey from 1998 to 2003 and had the best five years. With Mrs Lusted as my head of year, met some fantastic people, had brilliant teachers and genuinely loved going to school. Live down south now in Kent so haven”t been back since but I”d definitely turn the clock back if I could – didn”t realise how much fun it truly was until I”d left. Must say Mr Ellis was a legend and I do remember his sick bag collection! He used to make things out of wood, I have a little carved bird of his somewhere… lovely guy.

  36. I used to go to Ian Ramsey between 1971-1977. Mr Bliss was my head teacher, also we had Mrs Marshal for art, Mr Ford for english. Also Miss Wood, Mr glasper, Mr Hangraham. Wish I was there now, they were the good days.

  37. I went to Ian Ramsey from 2001 till 2006. It still feels strange now that I”m an ex pupil. Although my time there was difficult, I am now a stronger person, and now doing great things. I”m happy to hear that there is now support for pupils how are having a hard time due to bullying etc. I just wish it was there when I attended the school. My greatest inspiration was my art teachers Miss Turner and Miss Carter, they were brilliant, and im happy to say im continuing my art career, and enjoying every momment. best wishes Sam Perks

  38. I wonder how long Miss Read has actually been at the school? I saw her very recently and she honestly had not changed one bit in 30 years ! She was often a stern teacher and pretty strict but she could also be pretty funny. Good old days.

  39. I was in Mrs Gibbs class between 1991-1996. Our head of year was Mrs Hibbert then Mrs Clark. Most memorable/personal favourites were: Mr Ellis” bizarre geography lessons where he called all the girls flossie and all the boys mavis or some such other old womans name and had the worlds largest collection of airline sick bags stapled to the ceiling; Mr Mackfalls false womans leg which he used to pretend was attached to his body; Mr Ingrams inability to arrive on time for any of our chemistry lessons and receiving his punishment of a chant of “cheesey, cheesey” when he eventually got there; Mrs Tiffen standing over the showers in the girls changing rooms and pressing the button with a hockey stick so that you definitely did get wet; Mr Nicholls Wobbly box (used to explain a mole) and the day he confiscated the lads football half way through the lesson only so that he could start a game of 5-a-side in the class; Mrs Vaughan (Mrs White)”s Red “Virgin” Jacket; The irony of Little Mr Clark”s 60-a-day B&H habit; Mr Riley”s Fog Horn of a voice which you could hear in south site (whilst he was in north site gym). How funny was it. I miss it now. :-(

  40. I am also an ex Fairfield Secondary Modern (now known as Ian Ramsey) pupil but cant really say they “were the best days of my life” these came shortly after I left. However I remember Frank Showell well and only after visiting this site since it started have I come to realise what an important part he played in the education of countless people in the Stockton area. Teaching at different schools and later backed by competent teachers such as Kinsman and Allcock, I think all ex pupils should put a pound towards a statue to this man

  41. I was at Ian Ramesey then Fairfield Sec Mod 67/72 when Mrs Lusted was also a Miss Reid and Miss J Read was also there. Good luck to those pupils are there now school days ARE the best days of your life

  42. I”m in Y8 in Ian Ramsey ROCKS. Mrs. Crotty is my Head of Year but it used to be Mr. Armstrong. Mr. Davo(Davidson) is the head. Miss Read has been here the longest you could ever imagine, and Mrs. Barraclough is the BEST!!! I LOVE this school!

  43. So, Mr. Thomson was called Allan. I saw him in Stockton market one Saturday on one of my rare visits back home and approached him. As I was about to shake his hand I realised that I didn”t know his first name and I could hardly address him as “Bubbles” so I did the diplomatic thing and called him “Sir” as usual. Once we settled what year I was in he amazed me by being able to reel off the names of nearly the whole class. He was a pretty good teacher, but getting me to learn French was beyond anyone”s capability. Charlie Goulding was indeed the Jewish deputy head of a C of E school; Mr. Collin taking over after he retired – he was Deputy Head when my brother was there a few years later. To David Swanton, we didn”t move in the middle of term in October (I was already in the RAF at the time of the “Official Opening”) we did the move during the spring term holidays, but yes, you”d have found everything there in place on the first day of term, courtesy of the fifth and sixth form volunteers who helped the movers.

  44. I was at Ian Ramsay from 93-98 and have to say that at the time I didn”t take school all to seriously! Ahh there were some good times! But in all seriousness the teachers were brilliant! Mrs Lustard and Mr Binderman were absolute legends!!!

  45. I was at IRS until 1978. Is Mrs Lustard really still there? You don”t normally find such loyalty nowadays. Well done her! Mr Kiberd used to give up all his spare time to take us on weekend hikes – what a star. There were loads of good teachers and we had loads of fun. Somehow I learned something and I”ve done OK thanks largely to the IRS teachers. Our chemistry (“Alf” Ingram?) teacher nearly blew himself up in the sand pit one day with the thermalit experiment – I expect such experiments are shown on a dvd nowadays to keep everyone safe – much less fun!

  46. I attended the all boys Stockton Grammar School at Fairfield from 1963-1968, my form masters were Mr Willis, then Mr.Berriman, followed by Mr.Cooke & finally Mr.Brown. Other masters I can remember were Mr.Collins, Mr.Corrin, Mr.Hodgson, Mr.Moore, Mr.Heighway, “Max”(Art), “Bob” (Latin) Mr.Goulding, “Ben”(Physics), Mr.Thompson, “Ghandi” (Music), Mrs Marwood (Secretary). I was there for the opening day & there is a photo in one of the Remembering Stockton books which shows Form 1A (including myself) surrounding Doctor Coggan(?)on the front lawn. I can remember the special school services in the Chapel when Canon Wardle Harper made his uplifting speeches & also Songs of Praise being broadcast from Stockton Parish Church when we had to attend in our school uniforms along with the girls from our sister school, Queen Victoria High School. I was in the school choir when we performed Handels Messiah at both the Parish Church & St Peters in Yarm Road, again with the girls from Queen Vic (probably the only reason I was in the choir!). We used Stockton Baths for the first couple of years before using the baths at Fairfield Secondary Modern – also we used the Ropner playing fields for the first few years, if you missed the bus you had to run all the way there (& back!) – I guess this was until the school field established itself. There was another Lab behind the Chemistry Lab which was also used for Chemistry, usually taught by a student teacher who”s name escapes me. I enjoyed my years at SGS, although I never learnt a great deal, this was not a reflection on the quality of the school or its staff – more to do with a young upstart who thought he knew everything already.

  47. Phil Rambert is absolutely correct. I was there from 61 to 68 and I remember going to the old school for the first year and starting my second year there but don”t remember re-locating in the middle of term – did we have time off or just get the bus to Fairfield one Monday to find everything already there? On the chapel-v-pool issue, I understood that we didn”t have a swimming pool because Fairfield Sec Modern did have one that we were going to share, but something went wrong in relationships and I don”t remember ever using it (whereas we had used the old baths behind the old school). I”ll look out for blogs to see if their ex-pupils bemoan not being able to use our chapel. One thing that impressed me at the time (and still does) is that The North of England Church of England Grammar School (to give it its best title) had a Deputy Headmaster who was Jewish. Charles Goulding had been with the school a long time, having taught my uncle at Garbutt Street/Norton Road in the “30s but despite being a formidable chemistry teacher and despite his long service he wouldn”t have got to be deputy head if the school had been religiously precious. Yes, the chemistry lab has the large windows; biology was above it; physics was behind biology – but what was behind chemistry? Alan Thompson taught both French and English (sorry you didn”t like your time there, Mark, but it seemed to us that your dad was good guy) and the whole staff seemed larger than life: Max Underhill who moonlighted as a jazz drummer; Terry Brown, a brilliant maths teacher who always arrived late, (deliberately?) walking from the car park past the chapel mosaic and past the full length windows of the sunken hall to the main doors in view of the whole school sometime between the hymn and the notices during assembly every day; and in the days of corporal punishment only the Beano could have a head called Mr Cain and a cook called Mrs Cook. Ian Ramsey was indeed Bishop of Durham (and, more importantly if he had not died prematurely, we”d know him through his work as Chairman of the Archbishops’ Commission on Doctrine). Durham had a tradition of “challenging” bishops (nothing of “the conservative party at prayer” about their version of CoE theology) who could be seen as an Anglican version of Jesuits – but despite/because of the rigour of their questioning were liberal and engaging. So I applaud the use of his name for the school, as these were values that SGS had pursued. After all, I was allowed to continue as head boy after getting married and fathering a child in the sixth form, and despite popular images the sixties were really not that swinging. But I had to answer for myself before Ramsey to be primed for an interview by Coggan at York. Good luck to the current Ian Ramsey students!

  48. I attented Ian Ramsey FFS in 1967. After moving down from Glasgow, i made two very good friends. One was called Pat, and the other had a nickname called Tank. I lost touch when i left, and would love to know what they are up to. The school gave me some happy memories and i was a prefect, in my last year. I particuly enjoyed geography and Art. And my Geography teacher was called Miss Reed, and i believe she still works there now being the longest member of serving staff there. And my Art taecher was called Mrs Marshell. I would love any one to reply back who ever knew me or got taught by any of those teachers.

  49. me and my twin brother both went to lan ramsay school from 1994 to 1999. our head of year was mrs gilmour and headteacher was mr winter.

  50. I also attended here from 1979-1984 . I remember that first day so well-i was TERRIFIED! Luckily I needn”t have worried my first tutor teacher was Mr Lindley and he was fantastic, he was very laid back and very firm but fair if you stepped out of line. I remember how he dealt with bullies, he dispised them. He was a man I respected, as were Mr Clarke, Mr Macky, Miss Penny and Miss Smith. Real treachers. Sadly some of the lads that were my friends then have passed away too young. In particular Duncan “Tiny” Sanderson. He was a very good friend to me. He was a real character. God bless ya mate.

  51. I went to Ian Ramsey from 1977-1982 too. I have very fond memories of my time there except Tuesdays which also seemed to feature French or German classes. The sports teacher Mr. Lindley and Mr. (Bod) Ellis were big influences on me and I recall some other great teachers such as Mr Wright, Mr Dobson, Mr Benzies, Mrs Cadogan, Miss Reed and some great characters such as David Constantine, Paul Savage, Mark Reeves, Deano Waddleton, Mark Etchell, Bob Brown, Beany, Stephen Harrison. I had a great laugh and learned a great deal at the same time. I haven”t been back since 1982 and don”t want to but thanks for the memories.

  52. Stockton Borough Council (Museums)have the original “log book” for the Bluecoat School, Ian Ramsey”s long gone predecessor. It lists all the founders, their financial contributions and a record of school life from the early 1720s to about 1850. It shows, perhaps surprisingly for the times, that girls were admitted for a brief period.


  54. I went to Ian Ramsey from 1977 to 1982. My tutor was Mrs Alcock for the 1st few years then Mr Clark (PE). I have some great memories of this school. One of my fave teachers at that time was Mr Mackfall the art teacher, he was so laid back and friendly. Others I remember were Mr Bliss (Head),Mrs Dixon (deputy head), Miss Penny,Miss Hunt,Mr Kiberd, Miss Reed,Mrs Pritchard,Mr Mackey,Mr Wright. I go back into upper school when my daughter does her dance concert there, and its not changed a bit in 30 years,(well not the bit I saw) even still smells the same..! At the start of 1st year the girls had to kneel on the floor and if your skirt didnt reach the floor it was considered too short and we had to change it for a longer one. Im sure that dosnt happen now.!

  55. Here here.Mr Lindley ,Mr Clarke good teachers that actually listened to pupils and you could approach them if you had a problem. Fair but firm.

  56. I was a pupil between 1982-1987. We were the last year to complete “O” Levels before the introduction of the GCSE. Great school, Mr Bliss was Head and Mr Dawe was deputy head. Some great teachers, Mr Howles, Miss LeSage, Mrs Lewis, Mr&Mrs Alcock, Mrs Lusted, Mr Clark and Mr Lindley. Mr Davidson, our RE teacher at the time could be the head teacher at the moment. Great times, great memories.

  57. I was a pupil at Ian Ramsey from 1994 – 1999; I enjoyed my time there most of the time. My tutor was Mr Mackfall who I believe has retired now. Our head of year at the time was Mrs. Glimour and she was fantastic!!!! This school must have done me some good because I achieved 10 GCSEs, three years at college and graduated last year from QMUC in Edinburgh having done a four year honours degree.

  58. The “New” School on Fairfied Road was officially opened on Friday 11th October 1963 by the then Lord Archbishop of York, Dr Donald Coggan accompanied by the Archbishop of Durham and the Chairman of the Board of Governors, The Rev. Canon Wardle-Harpur. It was designed by Philip Middleton & Ptnrs and built by Marsh Builders Ltd. The cost was “upwards of £150,000”. The mosaic on the front of the chapel was designed and executed by Miss J. M. Haswell of Middlesbrough, the theme being the “upsurge of the Holy Spirit”. The school hall was named the Robson Memorial Hall in memory of C.M. Robson RN who was killed in action on 11th November 1942, his brother Lawrence W. Robson made a major contribution to the cost of the new school. The Head at the time of the move was indeed Mr F.W. Cain and the deputy was Mr C. Goulding. The school can trace it”s history back to the Blue Coat School that came into existence in 1721 and held it”s classes in “a school room near the Parish church”.

  59. I went to the school from Stockton Junior school around 1960″ish when it was newly built.I think Frank Showell was headmaster and a Mr Kinsman (I think) deputy head, sorry if I have got names wrong. Would like to hear from any body else who went when the newly built school opened.

  60. I was there 1999-2006 and it was class, favourite teachers were Mrs Bowater & Miss Stephens. Mrs. Lewin was a cool tutor too. Would love to go back.

  61. i went to ramsey it was great there, the teachers were class mr mccredie, mr vowles, mr mccarthy, there were all mint, a right laugh. great being there i was there 2001 till 2006 im 16 just left i would go back if i had the chance

  62. i went to ian remsey school i am now 19 but when i was at ian ramsey i had the best school life ever i loved the teachers and it was a really state of the art school if i had the chance to go back i would mrs lustard she was and is the best head of year any one could ever ask for

  63. I”m at Ian Ramsey now and I think it is a dead good school.  Mrs Lustard is head of my year (9) and Mr Davison is head and we have a swimming pool and a chapel. 

  64. I am at Ian Ramsey now (2003 – now) and I think it is great and I like most of the teachers. I am in year 9 and have enjoyed my 3 years at Ian Ramsey.

  65. I am a pupil at Ian Ramsey Church of England school. I found when I started in september that the teachers made you feel comfortable.

  66. I thought the school was on Fairfield Road not Greens Lane. I was there 1965-71. Rumours abound on the construction in that there was a choice between a swimming pool or a chapel. Guess what we got!

  67. I am a pupil at Ian Ramsey now and the heating no longer breaks down. It is a great school but please can someone tell me the address for the new homepage! The headteacher now is Mr.Davison he is cool! Mrs.Gilmour-Head or Y7 my year she is class too!

  68. I always thought that Charlie Golding was deputy head in the first years at Fairfield – although I may be mistaken as I got very little right in the five years I spent at Stockton Grammar School.

  69. Stockton Grammar School was originally a Bluecoat School. “Froggie Collins” was actually called Ray Collin. Sadly, he died several years ago.

  70. I was a pupil at Stockton Church of England Grammar School from September 1969 until the school merged with Fairfield Secondary School in 1974 to become Ian Ramsey Comprehensive School. I believe Ian Ramsey was a former Bishop of Durham. My brother Clive attended FSS, and my father Allan previously taught French at Stockton Grammar. He left in 1969 to become deputy Headmaster of Brunner School in Billingham. The large window at the front of the main building was the chemistry lab. The mosaic front represents “Freedom of Spirit” or something akin to that sentiment, and is at the end of the assembly hall. I would like to say “Happy Days”, but I loathed the place!

  71. I was in the 5th form in 1963 and helped with the move from the old Garbutt Street premises. I did my GCEs here before leaving to join the RAF. Frank Cain was head, with “Froggie” Collins as deputy. It was a huge improvement over the old buildings, but a bit of a shame that the traditional “Stockton Grammar” has disappeared now. BTW, although Stockton Grammar was long associated with the Church, that “Church of England” bit was only added when we moved – the Church had helped in funding the new buildings.

  72. I was a pupil here 1965-1970, headmaster was Mr F Cain, my late brother Kevin also attended 1967-1972. Why did the heating always break down in the winter?

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