Market day on Stockton High Street, 1963

s1028A general view of the stalls for Stockton Market at the north end of Stockton High Street, including No.139, Marks and Spencers (c1938 – present day). A Dual Carriageway Ahead sign can be seen in the bottom left hand corner c1963.

4 thoughts on “Market day on Stockton High Street, 1963

  1. As Karen Tindall says, it would be extremely difficult to convey to anyone under the age of 45 the very ‘exciting’ atmosphere, in terms of the hustle, the bustle and the crowds, that Market-day in Stockton was once all about, on Wednesdays & Saturdays.


  2. You can imagine the surprise when my Mam, Jeanne Tindall recognised herself in this picture and saw the same photograph both on television and displayed in the High Street, she’s the lady holding the pram. She assures me that I am in the pram. It has brought back some warm and happy memories of the days when the market was a vibrant and essential part of the Stockton folks life.


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