7 thoughts on “Winpenny House, Stockton High Street

  1. My nana worked for Mr Martin, as a seamstress from the age of 16, I have a photo of Mr and Mrs Martin in their motor bike and side car. My nana loved working there and always said that it was a wonderful place to work, she never had a bad word for the Martins and said they were loved by all their employees.


    • This was my grandfather’s shop. I used to go and play there. The interior was beautiful with a wonderful staircase in the middle of the shop.


  2. Sorry to use this picture, but a bit of info on Mr Hunter Martin has come my way. Mr Hunter Martin Widower Age 90 ,died at a Norton Nursing home in April 1991. Obituary in Gazette of April 12th 1991. “The Hunter-Martin”s family business for over 102 years first opened in Silver Street moving to the HIgh Street, later Norton Road. Mr Martin, a master tailor, formerly lived in Victoria Avenue Norton and was a familiar sight around in the town wearing bow tie, bowler hat and self-made three-piece suit ”


  3. Presumably Winpennys would be a private dwelling before conversion to a commercial premises. Perhaps around late 18th-early19th centuries. Has anybody any knowledge of this?


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