4 thoughts on “The riverside at Yarm c1900

  1. The smoking chimneys belonged to the Atlas Skin & Hide works, or ‘Tannery’ as it was known. The tall building behind the ‘octagon’ roofed 18thC. Methodist Chapel was a Corn-mill, known at various times as either ‘Tees Mill’, or ‘Langbaurgh’ Mill. It was the disappearance of the Skin and Hide works in the late 70’s / early 80’s that eventually allowed Yarm High St to gain it’s more genteel and cosmopolitan atmosphere, as prior to this, particularly on warm days, the Tannery emitted what became known as the ‘Yarm Stink’. A truly awful smell, that cloyed in your mouth and clung to your clothes!


  2. Do you have a sister called Loise Lane, Bob? If so she was my cousin, Irene Kidd”, best friend when my Uncle, Alf Kidd, and his family lived in Egglescliffe and attended Egglescliffe Methodists in the 1950-60. The Lanes lived on the main Stockton to Egglescliffe road. Loise was a nice lass and I often wondered how she fared in later life.


  3. I and my wife attended Yarm Methodist in 1999 and 2000. It was a great experience. They are a devout and loving congregation. We miss them a great deal.


  4. The building on the extreme right of the picture is the Yarm Methodist Church that is said to be John Wesley’s favourite Methodist Chapel in the whole of England!


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