13 thoughts on “Staflo oil drilling rig.

  1. Hello to all fellow crew members. Yes she was a great rig to work on. Shell sold it to Nautilus Ventures in 1975. I joined it on its last location in the North Sea and worked 3x 14/14 schedules with the Shell crews that did not go to work on its replacement rig (Stadrill), being built in Halifax NS. This was my first contract and all the local crew made me feel very welcome. The rig worked for 20 months out of San Carlos, Spain before Shell liquidated NV and paid us all off. The journey from 1975 till 2015 was hell of a ride. I feel blessed that I had the chance to experiencing these times. How things have changed!!!.
    The rig was towed to Malta in 1977 and sold to Sedco. I like to think that the best times spent on this old girl was during pre 77. Crews make good memories, rigs just compliment the experiences.
    I would love to hear from any 75/77 crew members reading this. They were good times.
    Norm Hodder (Chief Elec 75/77).


    • Hi Norman I believe this was one of the rigs we did M/E refit on in Algeciras. I was working for company called Gomer Offshore. Was there another elec. eng. as well called john Zamit Moore from Malta? Regards john k


  2. Staflo was ordered 1966 from Furness Shipbuilding (Tyne) and delivered in Dec 1967. Costs around GBP 3 mill and capable to drill in up to 600 ft waterdepth – but only euqipped with a bumpersub (no real heave compensator) and therefore limited to calm weather.


    • I worked on Staflo as a Driller from 1973 to 1975, we were the last Shell crew to leave the rig after handing it over to Nautilus, bound for Spain.
      Used to drill with two bumper subs and there was a crude deck-mounted heave compensator for hanging off in bad weather. I had to operate it a couple of times which was a hairy experience.
      Regarding oilfield names, we had just cored a new discovery and were wondering what Shell would call it, they already had Auk, Brent, Cormorant and Dunlin. Someone guessed it would be Eider but we were surprised when they called it Tern. I think Fulmar came later?


      • Roger, the 30/16-6 (Fulmar) well was rushed into the drilling sequence because the Staflo finished the previous well early and there was still time for another well prior to the rig being handed over. The discovery was declared Dec 1975.


  3. I worked on Staflo briefly in 1974 as wellsite petroleum engineer. Well was 30/19-2, chalk reservoir, lost circulation, gas kicks, 2 stage cement jobs. Now on production as Affleck Field (Maersk). I remember Christmas Day 1974 as a seaman was washed overboard from MV Wassertor, while attempting a snatch lift. He was recovered but succumbed to hypothermia.


    • Wasn’t that when the Fulmar field was discovered? The rig was already sold, but had time for one more well. So the Fulmar well was put on the sequence, and the result was a real positive surprise!


    • Hi there Davie, I worked Staflo for KD Marine as a Sat Diver in 76 when it was blown off location and rescued by the Tug Zirder Zea and towed to Holland for repair, di you hear about that?
      As for SSOS whats that question as I have some contacts
      Regs Dave Hilton Sat Supv


  4. Staflo was built by Shell UK to drill on the UKCS.Among its discoveries was Shell”s Brent field in 1971, on the North Sea”s largest and still producing in 2007.


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