8 thoughts on “Derelict houses in Webster Street, Stockton

  1. I was born in 65 Webster St in 1933, then moved in with my Grandparents (Ernest and Jane Davies) who lived at 92 Lawson St, which coincidentally was one of the few houses with attics as shown in this picture which could be that house. It’s position was across from Ward Place which had an off license run by Mr and Mrs Eastwood.


  2. Sad to see these streets go. I spent my teens around this area. Mates Alan Davison and Richard Blackburn from Buchanan Street and Geoff Payne from Lawson Street. There was a Pawnbrokers shop on the end of Lawson Street. Happy memories.


  3. Jan – my Great-Great-Grandparents (Thomas & Mary Allison) lived at No 37 in 1881 and were still there in 1891. Although it will have been at the opposite end of the street, I bet both families still knew each other. Webster Street seems to have been home for a lot of branches and generations of the Allison family, there are quite a few there in 1911, including my Nana as a six year old. I’m not sure how long they were there after that, as that is the latest census available, and I don’t have anyone to ask. Does anyone know when the demolition took place?


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