11 thoughts on “Directing Traffic – Maxwells corner, Stockton

  1. The building on the left was the furniture department of the Stockton Co-operative Society, there is another picture on this site of Maxwells corner which dates from the late 50s.


  2. Jeni Harrison. I don”t think it was Mr Maxwell. He lived in Swainby. I did some work at his wifes(Widows) bungalow some years ago. What a wonderful Lady. Every day 10 o”clocks and 3 o”clocks. All on a silver tray and sugar bowl. As well as home made cakes and scones.


  3. We live in the first floor flat in the old shop above Maxwell Corner….just wondering if Mr Maxwell died here as we keep seeing a dark shadow down the corridor and if anyne knows anymore stories about anything like that.


  4. My wife worked at Maxwells between 1967-1992, selling school uniforms. In her time there, the top floor was used as a storage area. She tells me that none of the staff liked to be in those rooms alone, there was always a feeling of being watched. However, she never saw anything untoward. Perhaps Anon has experienced the same phenomenon. Could be a good time to move. The firm that took the shop over, Rawcliffes, were related to the Maxwell family. The Maxwells came from Newcastle, owning a shop there which was sold so that they could concentrate on the Stockton outlet. When my wife joined the firm, “old” Mr Maxwell was still running the shop, in his 80s. He died suddenly, still in harness.


  5. Maxwells was a good shop and nealy all school uniforms were obtained from here, as our friend stated Scouts and Cub Uniforms as well. The Elephant could have been a display sign for a Boot and Shoe firm from Leeds. There trademark was an Elephant to signify strong boots. I think the building on the opposite side of the road was the Electric Showroom and I think the Gas Showroom was futher up Bishopton Lane on the right. I have good reason to remember the Electric Showroom I was bought a Services wristwatch from there as a present, and it never worked on my wrist, it would work flat at the side of the bed!


  6. Margaret Thomas, Do you remember Mary Harvey, nee O”Connor, she worked at Maxwells for years, she was my aunt, lived in Roseworth with her family. Jeffrey and Russell and husband Ted. Mary and Ted have passed on now. Mary was a lovely person and a favorite aunt. My family lived in Newham Grange.


  7. I worked in this shop and worked in the basement, it was the shoe department and where you got your football strip.  That was 1972, I still live in Stockton


  8. In the fifties and sixties Maxwells was a tailor and outfitter shop. They specialised in school uniforms. It was where you bought the regulation blazers, socks, ties and stuff for SGS, Grangefield, Richard Hind, Holy Trinity and so on. It was also where you bought your official issue neckerchief and caps or berets for the Wolf Cubs, Boy Scouts too.


  9. Hello, I currently live in Maxwells Corner. Was wondering what used to be in the basement as I ventured down into it earlier and it is very large. did it used to be a shop? It is now very delapitated and is hard to tell. Was wondering if you had any interesting history regarding the building? if so could you please send it to me at – polishedmarble@hotmail.com


  10. Before this building was Maxwell”s, it was the Elephant Cash Stores and in the 1890s and early 1900s had a large elephant (statue not real) on the roof. Can the Arts team have a go at reinstating this fine piece of public sculpture?


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