One thought on “Ways of Seeing

  1. This tranquil view of the Tees near Victoria Bridge shows both the barque “Endeavour; and the “Teesside Princess” Its the “Princess” i”d like to comment on, again taken from my diary :-. “We left on an evening trip at 7-30 , the sun was just setting as we passed under the ornate Victoria bridge, with its Town-Crests and cast-iron flourish. Within 10 minutes we were in a different world , a sky shot with gold and red , green fields and dark woodland , every curve took in another scene of sunset beauty away from the urban lights.  We passed Preston Hall with one or two lights visible, while an occasional farm-light or car head light lit the silken warm darkness. Approaching Yarm the riverside housing was lit by window and colourful patio lights, attractive as any in Windsor or Henley. The orange glow of Yarm seen through the narrow “Wynds” gave an almost carnival effect to the river side. We left on the return to Stockton and a trip of pure magic Leaving the lights we “Went into Space” The quiet hum and chuckle of the water, no sky, no river just a mirror of stars stretched out in front of the “Princess”, from the bow of the boat to the sky above one cloud of stars, and on a number of occasions two moons as the “Princess cut across the star field all vivid against the primeval dark of woodland.  Civilisation started to show on the sky-line, but the “Princess” had more “magic”. As we passed through Victoria Bridge the row of riverside lamps cast a ladder of gold across her path and with regal ease she passed through, to leave thousands of gold flashing lights in her glittering train An unforgettable voyage. An unforgettable experience


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