Burton House, Stockton c1925

Burton House, No.23a, Thistle Green, Stockton, included in a view of Nos.15-29, Thistle Green. Burton House was built in 1840 as offices for the Tees Navigation Company. During the demolition of this area c1927 the building was used as a tool and material store.

2 thoughts on “Burton House, Stockton c1925

  1. This property was licensed to sell beer for a number of years. In 1906 it was owned by Cameron & Co Ltd. The Landlady was Hannah Sturdy.


  2. The Borough Engineer sent a letter to the Stockton Council Housing Committee meeting of 11 January 1929 reporting that all properties included in the Housewife Lane Improvement Scheme had been demolished apart from Burton House at 23a Thistle Green, seen above. He reported that this building could now be demolished, but it would be useful to retain it for a while as a store for road construction in the area. Burton House had previously been a secure store for equipment used in the demolition of the area, and possibly a store for valuable materials recovered from the demolition, such as roofing lead. The Housing Committee meeting of 12 April 1929 took the decision to demolish Burton House.


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