5 thoughts on “Oxbridge Lane School

  1. This play was entitled “One Night in November”. The cast was as follows (taken from “The Bridge”, the school magazine), Guy Fawkes – John Shepherd, Percy – Alan Wells, Catesby – Thomas Lambert, Wright – Keith Cooke, Winter – William Ellis, Tresham – Arthur Howard, Monteagle – William Bell, Salisbury – Denis Stephens, gaoler – Alan Clarke, servant – David Symington, soldier – James Proctor, guard – Colin Brannon. Stage management – Neil Mollard, John Hopper, Alan Clarke, David Symington. Producer – Denis Towlard. “John Hopper reviewed the Senior Three performance in the magazine, commmented that “the actors were very good” and spoke of the good lighting and sound effects.


  2. Tony Williamson”s piece about Oxbridge Lane was interesting. My mother Mrs Dee indeed controlled a class of 50 pupils and I bet most of them could read at the end of Junior 1. My mother was born in 1901 – in 1955 she was the only female member of staff in a primary school. She certainly was tough – Victorian if you like. Even her grandchildren remember her as such. I would imagine that now most if not all staff in primary schools are female – -educated in the most modernistic teaching styles ! No wonder ,for example, there is now a move back to phonetics in teaching reading.


  3. These stage plays were held every Christmas and were well attended by parents and relatives. I was chosen to appear in a Christmas Carol in 1956. My mother attended my performance which lasted for about 15 seconds as I appeared in my vest, with David Blackburn, from under the cloak of a Christmas ghost played by a Senior 4 lad. Blackie was “Ignorance” and I was “Want”. My line was simply to declare that “I am Want” and I was amazed that the big lads could remember so many lines and dreaded maturing to that advanced age and taking on such tasks. I was later a bit “miffed” when my older brother said “Want” was girls part. I then insisted from then on that I played Ignorance, and was even more “miffed” few years later when I realized myself and Blackie were picked because we were the smallest and scrawniest kids in Junior 1. I think “Tilly” West picked us out for the task from Mrs. Dee”s Junior 1 class of over 50 pupils (all in one classroom). The plays were a big occasion every Xmas and the older boys put a lot of work into them. I don”t think Franky Showell appreciated the Modern Drama attempted at Fairfield school later on, and always expressed nostalgia over the old days at Oxbridge with his old boys.


  4. 1954 School Production of Guy Fawkes with J Shepherd, T Lambert, B Ellis, A Howard, A Wells and K Cooke – The play was set in Senior 4 classroom on the stage.


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