Safety at ICI

t803Billinghams employees handled and worked with many dangerous substances. Accidents while rare could be very serious. Safety was taken seriously and in 1930 Billingham recorded safety figures to prevent avoidable accidents. Every plant had its own safety committee which dealt with safety issues on the spot. Works council safety sub-committees included a member from each works who would meet to discuss any issues. In addition to the committees, the Works also had its own permanent fire service.

By 1937 the accident rate had more than halved on the Ammonia plants. Health and Safety in the early years was certainly far more relaxed in the early times of ICI than they are today. Many of their practices could not be got away with by modern standards. However, much effort was taken to persuade workers to work to a certain level of safety, by wearing any necessary protective clothing. Also there were many campaigns urging workers to keep the plants tidy and to report anything which may possibly cause an accident. Safety competitions were a regular feature for Billingham Division workers

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