Bomb Damage

t1656Just a guess – WWII bomb damage between Norton & Billingham – a failed attempt to bomb ICI? From my fathers notes: The other bomb dropped nearer to our shelter. The bomb whistled on the way down. It got louder and louder and seemed to last for minutes but it would only have been for a few seconds. There was a very loud bang and the earth and shelter shook violently. We thought the bomb had dropped just outside but it was about 300 metres away. It left a huge crater a fortunately on open ground. No one was injured. (This information was kindly provided by Sarah Sheraton). Can you help?


2 thoughts on “Bomb Damage

  1. Your Dad Ken was right quite a few bombs dropped on various parts of the Billingham Bottoms one just behind Dovedale Ave. I was out on the road when the bombs hit and wrecked the Old Mill and thought my end had come. The vibrations through the earth and the road lifted me clear each time, that was in Mill Lane, Ken would be as near. Not all attacks on ICI failed the factory area was hit at least a hundred times causing fires damage and loss of production. The area around Billingham, Haverton, Portrack and Norton also had damage and loss of life. Those of us around at that time will remember those nights too the end, Ken would be out next day after school looking for shrapnel a lot of which came from our own guns, a dangerous time indeed.


  2. Betty, a police officer during WW2, who lived in Parklands Ave. at the time remembers the bombs being dropped in the evening in the dark. It was indeed at Billingham Bottoms. She also remembers that a bomb damaged a house in Sunnybrow Ave. just round the corner from where she lived in Parklands.


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