7 thoughts on “Thornaby Harewood Cycling Club

  1. 2 ladies on the front row are Audrey Bell (left) & Eileen Bell. Audrey is my mother, now Thompson. Eileen married Les Hutchinson 3rd row RH end dark shirt with white collar. In the middle 3rd row behind the 2 girls is my uncle Norman Thompson (polo neck jumper).


  2. My Father William Henry McQuillen is on the front row far left, his brother James (Jim) is on the other end of the front row second from the right, I have this photo in one of his albums along with numerous cycling photos taken at the time, I may be able to add more names as he has written names and places in the albums along with the other photographs.


  3. Holidays and Hospitals Going camping every weekend and holiday we got in the 60’s. Cycling around was supposed to make you fit and healthy. Well two years on the trot I ended up in hospital, the first being just north of Hart Village, Hartlepool, when I ended up in Hartlepool General with appendicitis then transferred to Stockton and Thornaby Hospital, Bowesfield Lane. The second time we were camping at Whitby and I had some sort of a fit in a pub car park at the bottom of Boulby Bank and ended up in Whitby Hospital with sun stroke. My mam still has the Evening Gazette cutting, first case of Sun Stroke in the UK for thirty years. Oh by the way I still have my appendix. Roy.


  4. Some of the faces look familiar, so many years ago. Teesside had a very large cycling fraternity. I remember most clubs would start the spring with a 50 in 4 or 100 in 8, (that is 50 miles in 4 hours) for a small entry fee, Riders from other clubs would join in. The 50 in 4 would start at a convenient place near the club, out through Stokesley to Helmsley. Then back over the hills through sheepwash to finish at Swainby. A completion certificate was awarded for finishing the course on time. Most clubs would also run a time trial during the year, most popular was the 25 mile race, from Stokesley, out towards Thirsk turn & return to Stokesley. If you were good like Reg Merritt, He regularly broke the hour. 120 riders at 1 min intervals. First man off 7am. It was often described as violent exercise in the middle of the night.


  5. My father (George Chisholm) was a member of this cycling club in his youth and was a member at the time this photograph was taken. He is missing from the photo because he was doing national service at the time. He tells me that the gentleman in the front row on the left is Bill McQuillan. He also recognised some other faces but not their names. He thinks that the lady in the second row, second from the left, leaning on her bike is called Betty.


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