6 thoughts on “Streets of Stockton

  1. My family lived at Number 7, the Howells family, from 1968 to 1978 (when my parents divorced). Its nice to see the names above and this picture, in fact I have a photo of myself as a toddler with my mum taken outside the front of number 7 with my mum.

    Other names I remember from the other side of the street are The Grays, The Bells, Mr Collinson and the shop in the 70s at number 1 was run by The Callenders who had two daughters Suzanne and Michaela.

    I remember our neighbour at No.5 Mrs Nesbitt always inviting my sister and I in after Christmas and giving us a chocolate bar and a balloon (Lovely memories).


  2. I bow to your judgement Howard…it’s over thirty years since last ventured these streets, you’re right about the small door between the houses as my friend at No13 had this next to his….


  3. I can’t agree with Dave Wright – sorry! The white car is parked outside 17, Grove Street. Look at the low door behind the car with a ventilation brick over it and a small window over that – such doors are not in Woodland Street. Also, the church hall does not extend as far back towards Woodland Street as the the block in the picture does: this is actually a tall block facing onto Yarm Road. You can just about make out a dark bay window facing up the street with chimneys over it: all this is still there at the end of Grove Street. (It would have been helpful if the photographer had thought to include the Methodist church tower on the right of his picture, but I dare say he thought that his notes as to location were adequate).


  4. On close inspection I think this is Woodland Street, which is between Park Road and Grove Street. I say this because the building at the end of the road is the back of the church hall and the entrance is in Grove Street. Please correct me if this is wrong…


  5. I lived at number 11 with my brother Robert and my parents Billy & Doreen Nisbet, my grandparents Bill & Doris Nisbet lived at number 5 and our good friends the Dodgsons lived at number 17. Others in this street were Evens, Poultons, Greens, Hogsons, Mrs Harper, Mrs Neil and Mr & Mrs Graham had the shop at no.1.


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