5 thoughts on “Anhydrite mine at ICI

  1. This takes me back to my first days in full time employment. Like many others I started as a messenger boy at ICI. One of our orientation trips was down the mine. I looked up at the ceiling, lost my safety hat & was deducted points. This was April or May 1950.


    • Same here Colin. I was the messenger boy for Sulphuric acid and Cement works in 1970 but on a Monday my mate “Mossa” Baily was at Tec. so I had to do his run as well, Went down the Mine once could not believe how big it was


      • Mossa Baily, Steve Davis and me, Steve Flounders.
        The three plumbers taken on in 1970 as messenger boys then apprentices until 1975. I used to have the Photo of us all with Al Hart stood on the bank behind the training school, lost it a few years back but still remember. Alan Griffiths, a plater if I remember rightly?


        • Steve
          Long time no hear from, I still see Brian Robbo, Mick Robbo Booner Brown….haven’t seen Mossa in a while, retired as I recall. Never seen Griff for years either.


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