7 thoughts on “Yarm Lane Wesleyan Church

  1. If my memory serves me correctly-we used to have Assembly there a couple of times a week.Miss Carr and all the teachers stood on the stage at the front.Good old Richard Hind!!!!!!!!Irene


  2. We used to have some lessons in this church when I attended Richard Hind School. Country dancing, English with Olive Rowbotham, and Drama I seem to remember. My mother”s family seem to have attended here in the early 1900s, they were living at 20 Cecil Street at the time, as I have a book which was presented to my aunt Lily Storr for “Juvenile Missionary Collections” in 1919.I also have her Sunday School Anniversary leaflet for April 1920, with all the hymns printed on. Unfortunately Lily died of TB the next month, aged 14. Her occupation on the death certificate is “cardboard box maker” If Geoff Egget is interested in having this leaflet for the archives I would glady pass it on.


  3. What a thrill to see the church that my G.G.G Granddad was a missionary in.Anyone out there I can E Mail to see if we have any reatives in Antigua??


  4. My late Grandfather was Percy Laing who lived in Stokesley was this card addressed to him in Stokesley?He may hve stayed in Stockton at some time, but I can confim with my elderly mother.


  5. Hello, Geoff ( Eggett ) I am most interested to learn that you are the Archivist for the Darlington District – you may be just the person I”ve been looking for, unless there is a similar post serving the Methodist churches in Middlesbrough. I was born and raised in Stockton in the 1940s and 50s, but have been living in Hertfordshire for many years. The north-east is still very much my spiritual home, though! Anyway, in the 1920s an uncle of mine, Henry Hird, was a church caretaker at the Avenue Methodist Church in Linthorpe, and I think he lived in a house provided by the church. Do you happen to know ( 1 ) if the church is still standing, and ( 2 ) if there may be any records relating to that church during the 1920s, and where they might be deposited? We are visiting North Yorkshire at the end of the month and it would be great if I can find out a bit more about my uncle whilst we are there. I think the Picture Stockton site is wonderful!! Best regards Judy Newton-Davies ( judy@newtondavies.plus.com )


  6. I am currently the Archivist for the Darlington District of the Methodist Church which includes the Stockton Methodist Circuit. By chance I am also a member at Yarm Road (not LANE) Methodist Church. This church was opened 29th September 1904 and is the largest Methodist Church in the Darlington District seating over 500 people even after internal structural alterations. The poating date of the post card is accurate since there is no clock in the tower. This was installed in 1906 in memory of Thomas Downing (Town Clerk of Stockton) and still keeps good time. The church currently has a membership of 95 and is active in the area. Historical records are deposited at Cleveland Archives Middlesbrough.


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