8 thoughts on “Photos from the Past

  1. The Stand was burned down in the late forties. During the war the Ground was used by all the local kids as a playground, despite it being closed. We used to play funkies(dares), particularly in the Stand backing on to the Cemetary, swinging on ropes attached to the rafters. The easiest way in was to stand on bike crossbars on to the roof of the turnstiles, and jump down. We never ever played in the Stand which eventually burned down, as we seemed to regard it as a bit posh with tip-up seats, no less. I can still remember two families who lived in Suffolk St in those days, Orams in end house adjacent to the Vic and Baiges who lived further down. Markie Pass, recently mentioned, lived in Elsdon St. Kevin, you might remember the big advert on the end house of your street, think it was R.A.Watsons, Hatters.


  2. Thats definitely Suffolk St in the background on the right. Thats the only possible housing tract like that around the old Victoria Ground. I was born and raised on that street, #39.
    Although I dont remember that stand being there, I do remember talk of it burning down and on that side of the ground it was just what seemed to me to be a large mound of dirt with steps cut into it. My earleiest memory of going into ‘the vic’ was when I was about six or seven so that would be 1950. When did the stand burn down??


  3. There is a little housing estate built on the old Victoria Ground the home of Stockton FC aptly named Wembly Way. I have competed in school sports on the Victoria ground ,watched football matches and to my delight watched the Donkey Derby – must of been in the early 50s. I once went to watch a football match but ended up at Stockton and Thornaby hospital with an eye full of sand and grit, I must have been playing in it and not watching the football.


  4. Could it be Norfolk and Suffolk Streets? My husband Dave remembers winning a donkey derby when he was a child at Victoria Ground in the 50s, so they were still going then.


  5. I’m too young to have gone to the Victoria Ground, but know the area quite well – could the houses be Norfolk Street and Suffolk Street?


  6. It is the Victoria Ground, the streets are Suffolk on the right and Norfolk St.
    The grandstand is the one that got burned down, it backed on to Elsdon St. Anon, Keith Maude lived in one of these, towards the Common at the Grounds main entrance. His father had a lorry which he parked on the common.


  7. This picture is said to have been taken at the Victoria Ground, home of Stockton FC,
    but I can`t remember any lines of terraced houses around the ground as shown in the photo.
    Has anybody any suggestions for what other location this might have been?


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