6 thoughts on “I.C.I. in Billingham

  1. the mine was 900ft below ground at shaft bottom, the miners holding lights on pathway are actually wearing miners cap lamps all machines and lorries had headlights


  2. Andrew in the mid seventies I was an ASTMS staff union representative on the national committee & well remember the debate which took place at Wilton between ALL of the staff reps and the company. One of our number, in the middle management, saw nothing wrong in NIREX storing waste, up to and including classified high level material, in the old mine. It transpired to be NIMBYism, as he lived out at Darlington, & would thus be less affected by any problems that might have arisen. The information, current at the time, seemed to suggest that ICI had thought of leasing the workings for this. Luckily, reasons not delineated, the main board said no to the government initiative so the Stockton area of then Teesside did not become a nuclear waste dump.


  3. Does anyone know anything of an accident in the mine in 1931? My grandfather, William Moses, and I believe a gentleman called Abraham Kelly, were killed in a roof fall on 8 September 1931 – any information would be gratefully received


  4. I believe that at one time, the government were thinking of using the old mines to store radioactive waste, using the mines as a storage facility. Does anyone know anything about these mines, are they still used? Are they sealed – or are just full of water now?


  5. Living in Norton High Street in the 50s close to the pond, you could hear and feel the dull thumps within the house as the mines were blasted beneath. Whats going on down there now ?


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