St Peters Parish Church

St Peters Parish Church on Yarm Road in Stockton. Consecrated on Thursday 13th October 1881, by Bishop Lightfoot, Bishop of Durham. The church tower was completed in 1907. In March 1995 burglars set fire to the building, wghich came back into use on Sunday 12th October 1996.

18 thoughts on “St Peters Parish Church

  1. I joined the choir in 1952/3 until 1961 also did one year as a Sunday school teacher and was in the Cubs, went to the youth club on Sunday’s. Have some great memories of camping with the choir every year at Marrick near Reeth.


  2. My son and daughter were Baptised there and I as an adult did my confirmation classes there. I was confirmed by Rev David Jenkins. I helped run the Scout group with Peter Gibson, Alan Rushforth, Steve King and Ian Ferney. My son was in choir and in the cubs. I also helped with the Baptism committee and was the church Hall caretaker for a long time.
    I was Gillian Anderson cub scout ass.


  3. I haven’t seen it yet but I believe my great grandfather, Henry Carter, was married there to Mary Ann Wilkinson. Henry was a Baker in Stockton.


  4. I was born in 1969 and went to St Peters youth club on a sunday night called “Sunday Club”, we did have some fun. It was around 1983-1988.


  5. I was a member of the choir from 1949 -52 (when my voice broke) we had practice on Wed & Friday evenings and sang both in the morning and evening on a Sunday. The Choir master and Organist was Mr BRAGG and the vicar was Cannon McGILL.The Juniors in the Choir were paid sixpence per month and we had to launder our own vestments” St Peters was an early member of the Royal Society of Church Music and we were rewarded for that by having one our boys (one of the SMITH twins)being selected to sing at the Coronation. I also went to sunday school and was a member of the Scout Group. It was such a happy time All our girlfriends used to sit in the front pews.


  6. My grandparents lived over the road from St Peters in Cranbourne Terrace from before the war until the early 1970″s – my Nana loved the Church & worshipped there until moving to O.A.P accomodation, her funeral service was held in the church. I was born in 1952 in the Bowesfield Maternity home & lived my first year in number 7 Yarm Road before the family moved to a new house on Roseworth estate in 1953 – my connection with St Peters was that I was part of a joint Stockton Grammar School/Queen Victoria High school choir that performed Handels Messiah there in approx 1964 (my nana was so proud, she never shut up for weeks) – we also performed the Messiah in Stockton Parish Church. Another connection with the Church was I attended the youth club in the Church hall – I believe it was on a Sunday but could be mistaken as there were a number of youth clubs on the go at that time – Elmwood in Hartburn, the Marys on Norton Road, the forge on Norton Green to name but a few.


  7. My sons have been baptised here within the past 2 years. This October St Peter”s celebrates its 125th anniversary and we would like to know more of its past, so if you have useful info please contact me via the picture Stockton team and I”ll pass it on to the relevant people.


  8. I was Christened at Saint Peter”s in 1973, and also sang in the church choir. I moved to Canada in 1982, then came back to visit in 2000. I noticed the church looked beautiful inside, with a particularly splendid wood dome above the altar.


  9. I was christened at this church along with my twin brother John George in 1938. We were born, along with my sister Olga and lived at No. 36 Adderley St. We all went to Bowesfield Lane school.


  10. I was chistened at this church in 1936, I lived at 35 Richardson Road, and went to Richard Hind junior school for a few years, then moved to Thornaby in 1943.


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