Billingham Junction Townswomens Guild

t6600 t6601 t6602The Ladies of the Billingham Junction Townswomen’s Guild. Billingham Junction Townswomen’s Guild was formed in 1952 and in its early years held meetings in the Pentland Avenue school hall and later in the Billingham Community Centre.

Photographs and information courtesy of Stan Hilton.

3 thoughts on “Billingham Junction Townswomens Guild

  1. We are trying to trace my mum’s family. In the second photograph, we think that the woman who is sitting on the left hand side of the first table, the third one along if you include the first woman you can’t see very well is my mum’s aunt, Kathleen (Kitty) Fisher. Is there any record of who is in the photograph? We know she lived on St Peter’s Road in Stockton.
    We would be very grateful for any information.


  2. Hello, my family think we might recognise my grandmother’s aunt Kathleen in the middle picture. Is there anyone around who knows the women in the second photo? Thank you very much. Lucy


  3. In the third picture, the one with all the ladies and one gentleman… The gentleman is Bob Clough, I worked with him at Head Wrightsons at Teesdale works, Thornaby in the heavy plate shop welding in 1975.


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