Newham Grange Class 4A 1950

Newham Grange Class 4A 1950Back Row Derek Banks, Frank Fishburn,Alan Dalkin,Dennis Grubb, Trevor Briggs, Leslie Fothergill, Peter Truby, and Colin Calvert2nd Back Row Lol Cann, Raymond Frost, Colin Booth,Benny Brown, Mark Dolan, Frank Pearson, Alan Simpson, and Alan McInnes,3rd Back Row Neil Harrison. Alan Goodman, John Mitchell.Marie Kennedy, June Ford, Not Known, Amy Jones, June Muldowney, Hazel Moody, Douglas Kingston, Peter Hugget, and Tony Hutchinson .Front Row Alice Blakemore, Not Known,Ruth Porter, not Known, Joan Mowbray, Iris Crofton, not known, Irene Thomas, and Joan Harrison.Front Terry Sparkes, Keith Britain.Can anyone fill in the missing students names?Photograph courtesy of Mr Benny Brown.

13 thoughts on “Newham Grange Class 4A 1950

  1. I went to Newham Grange Secondary Modern School. When I was 16 I entered the Nelson Terrace Technical College to study secretarial skills. When I was just 17 my parents decided to emigrate to Australia to join two brothers who were already settled there, Vernon and Ernest Cooper, in Sydney. I spent 6 years there, and when I returned to the UK briefly, I decided to to travel and I was offered a job in Madrid, Spain, in l961 where I married, have 3 Spanish children and 4 grandchildren. I am now 79 years old and live in the mountain area near Madrid. Reading the information here and seeing the photos has brought back many memories! Thank you all for your contributions. I enjoyed the school and was involved in sports while there, which I have always practiced in different areas, still keep fit walking in the countryside.


  2. I dont remember any of the Oram family being in this class, Kimberley. Arthur Oram may have been in this year but not in this class. I think that there may have been other members of the family in younger classes. Your mum would have to be 73 now to have been in this class. Hope this helps you


  3. Sorry to be a pain but I”m not sure whether anyone would remember, but I think one of the lady”s on the front row might be my mum, Florence Oram. If this is true could anyone please let me know as soon.


  4. The missing names on the front row working from left to right are as follows. Angela Burkes, Jean MacNaughton, Peggy Jackson. Fond memories, lovely school. In those days it had its own woodwork room, gymnasium, science lab. craft room & football pitch which were excellent facilities considering it was built in the thirties.


  5. It”s nearly 56 years since this class of 1950 left Newham Grange Secondary School to go out in to the wide World to seek their fortunes. It would be interesting to hear some of the stories these seventy year olds could tell. If anyone would like to meet up with Tony Hutchinson he has a stall in the Stockton Crafts Market and is a well known local artist.


      • Yes this is Tony Hutchinson who still lives in Newham Grange Ave to this day. Tony has not been very well lately due to a number of problems but is still chirpy as ever and I am sure he would enjoy any contact with old School friends. Tony has had to give up his artists stall in the Stockton Market Green Yard area. Tony was the reserve goal keeper to Denis Grub who was the Stockton Boys Goal Keeper of that year. Many in this this photo are no longer with us including my wife Marie Kennedy who died twelve yeas ago and Marie’s best friend June Ford who died recently, only to be expected when you reach 84 years old… To all those still with us keep on keeping on.


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