7 thoughts on “Pottery Street, Thornaby 1911

  1. h.b.mackay..4th june 2014

    hello ray – the heslop family and the tighe family lived very close to each other in pottery st in 1911 apart from the names of the of the people in the picture we already know,can you put names to any more great picture?


  2. My 2nd great grandfather, Richard Robinson lived in number 31 Pottery Street with his daughter Lily (19) and son Arthur (13). The 1911 census shows that Mrs. Broderick mentioned above, lived next door at 29 Pottery street. Lily and Arthur are probably in this picture somewhere……


  3. My Grandmothers parents moved to Potteries Street about 1911. I would love some more information on the street. I wonder when it was built?  I have visited the area with Grandma and she took me to the place where the house would have been. she grew up there and remembers a tip which the kids used to play on.There was also a morgue where she once saw a blue baby! Also there is a chapel nearby and my Great grandfather used to mend the clock there.


  4. My grandmother Ruth Heslop is the little girl standing on the right of the photograph, with her brothers arms around her, the woman holding a baby to the right of them was my grandmother older sister Bella Heslop. Second from the right in the back row the old lady dressed in black is my great great grandmother, whose surname was Broderick.


    • Thank you Raymond for the above comments about the residents of Pottery Street. My husband is David Heslop and his gggrandmother was also Annabella Bone Broderick. Your comments also help me to put names to faces of other Heslops in the picture. I am a member of ancestry.com and stumbled on this website. What a great photo !


      • Hello Anne, sorry for the late reply, but I haven’t been on this website for awhile. Glad you like the photo and the comments. (We must be slightly related somewhere along the line) Lol. I posted this a few years ago, and have since found out that the baby in the arms of Bella Heslop (my grandmothers older sister) is Sarah Heslop, my grandmothers youngest sister at that time. Later she had another sister Elizabeth, or Bette as she was known.


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