2 thoughts on “The Pathfinder Youth Club

  1. I remeber Tong Hall too with the Pathfinders from Norton Co-op. However I remember it being near Bradford and we revisited it a couple of years ago, it’s now a private business establishment.


  2. I believe the Youth Club was in Eldon Street, not far from where I lived in Barker Road. It was a club to get town kids interested in outdoor pursuits. It was 1950 and I can recall a pleasant week, where this picture was taken, at Tong Hall near Carlisle, we had porridge every morning and I remember a visit to Siloth, a seaside town, and we visited the Lake District too, We travelled by train and have very happy memories of the time. In the photo is Barry Chesser and his sister Margaret. I think Jean Dunning. I”m about 13, right of the picture, my first time wearing my long trousers. I recall a moment of stupidity when I tried to head a “medicine ball”, it looked like a football. Hope this photo jogs some memories.


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