5 thoughts on “Norton West to East Junctions

  1. Update – Harpers Garden Centre and the Golf clubhouse, car park etc now replaced with Fairview Gardens new housing site. Also, left of picture behind the belt of trees directly above the train (former depot according to the AZ) is another housing development just starting, ‘The Elms’ off Blakeston Lane. All on brownfield sites at least, better than losing yet more farm land. Norton Golf Course is in the fields beyond the front of the loco.


  2. Yesterday, Thursday 6 th Sept whilst on a school visit, (I was giving a talk on Norton Past), I was shown a 2007 Google Geo-information picture of Norton. The most startling view was the complete elimination of “Ozzie-Wood”, now a vast area of green grass of the Norton Golf Course. This photo also showed vividly the “Y” Rail-Junction and a sweep of bushes of the sharp original 1834 East-curve and “Inspectors-House. Harpers Garden Centre has now gone, for more housing development. The wooded plantation of Kiora-Hall , show in the middle of Rosewoth Estate. For anybody interested the “Google” ref is T.S 20. 1 D B U K


  3. Ossies Wood was a favourite play place for we kids from Roseneath Avenue – especially the flooded old claypit where we used to catch newts and tadpoles. Even an unfortunate drowning incident in about 1956 didn”t deter us. My mother was a signaller in the Norton East Signal Box during the war years. She once took me to visit the box and the Signaller let her show me how to pull the points. A heavy job but easy when you have the knack as she said at the time.


  4. Fields in the foreground were Harper”s Garden Centre. In the last few weeks the Garden Centre has been demolished and the land cleared for housing development. Behind the train is Ossies Wood. Steetley Works at Hartlepool only finally closed a couple of years ago and has now also been demolished.


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