8 thoughts on “Richard Hind Intermediate football Team

  1. I recognised all the players in this picture, including myself with all my hair. Sadly, Doug Ormston, Martin Kelly and Bob McConnell are all now deceased. Team captain John Rosser lives 150 yards from me in a small village west of Stockton


  2. Thanks to Ged Hutchinson for the missing names. Bob Irwin – 2nd top left definitely is Charlie Harrison. Remember that teams could be chosen from 2 year groups. In a couple of seasons Richard Hind had 3 teams entered in the Salmon Cup! There was quite a big squad available!


  3. 2nd top left. He must be a “ringer”, I know the rest of the team. He has got me completely beaten. Attended the 1949-54 Richard Hind School reunion recently. Brian Hobbs attended. Still recognised him although he has less hair now.


  4. I think that I can recall the missing names. Top left is Dick Gatenby. The Goalkeeper is Ken Moody and the missing no.5 on the front row is Bob Potter. I hope that you agree with me Ken.


    • Ken Moody lived about 3 doors away from Alan Kitching and coincidentally they both played in goal for Richard Hind. I knew them both well.


  5. Having sent this pic in (been having a sorting out amongst files & boxes) I have wrestled with names. Yet here goes: Top left 1 Gatenby (?), 2 Charlie Harrison, 3 Doug Ormston, 4 Phil Johnson, 5 Norman Allinson, 6 GKeeper Moody. Bottom left 1 Martin Kelly, 2 Bob McConnell, 3 Brian Hobbs, 4 John Rosser, 5 ?, 6 Peter Hanson, 7. John Andrew.


    • The ? mark player is Bob Potter. Also I can’t see why it is titled Intermediate as all are 4th year pupils withe the exception ofGatenby, Charlie Harrison and Moodie who were 3rd year students. This would be the Senior side, with 3rd year students Intermediate and 1st and part 2nd year as Juniors.


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