Mr James Smith (1801-1875)

James Smith was born 1801 in Lambeth and died 3rd October 1875 at Danby Grange. James Smith was the owner of North Shore Pottery, before his son William took it over.

Other members of the family were: George Fothergill (1829-1903) Mayor of Stockton 1880-1881, Elizabeth (Montgomery) (1831-death date not known), William Henry (1833-1917) North Shore Pottery and Cliff House Pottery Hartlepool, James (1835-1893) came out to Australia about 1853, Sarah Ann (1837- death date not known), Susan (Thompson) (1839-death date not known) (may have moved to New Zealand), Harriet ( died 1844), Fredrick J,(1844- death date not known), Fannie (Cheesbrough) (1846-death date not known). James Smith was the brother of William Smith (Stafford Pottery), and with William, James was a property developer and Landlord.

James Smith was G.G.Grandfather of Lynton Smith, Australia who provided this photograph and information.

One thought on “Mr James Smith (1801-1875)

  1. Can anybody help me with information on the following premises listed in James Smith”s Trust Capital Accounts dated October 1886, and if any of the establishments still operate as Inns/beerhouses, (I believe that james Smith only owned the buildings and did not operate them as businesses). Brown Jug Inn & premises Norton Road Stockton, sold 2nd June 1886, to Calder & Co for the price of 1400 Pounds, the following were listed as unsold, Beerhouses ;- “Cleveland Arms”, Hunters Lane, Stockton, “Morning Star”, Grey Street, Stockton. Inns ;- “Britannia Inn”, Trafalgar Street, South Stockton, “Ship Inn”, Trafalgar Street, South Stockton. Lynton Smith


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