7 thoughts on “St Johns Church

  1. Does any one have any photos of Hume Street as it was at the turn of last century? My great grandmother and great grandfather lived there along with their brood of 11 (including my grandmother) – no 73 to be exact. As Hume Street stands now I have difficulty picturing where that would be.


  2. Barney Mole who played on the right wing for Stockton St Johns in the late 1890s played for Newcastle Utd.& Burnley. He lived in 19 Byron Street & was the grandfather of Colin & Brian Taylor.


  3. I lived in Hume street in the late 40’s. My friend and next door neighbour Michael Hodgson and I got into trouble for swinging on the bell rope…. the bell sounding kinda gave the game away.


  4. My mother was a regular worshipper at this church. I remember walking by it to get to the old bridge over the railway station. The new St. John the Baptist Church was opened in 1983 and housed the alter and some of the silver chalices etc. from this old St. John the Baptist Church. The new Church was built opposite the old Durham Road Children’s Hospital


  5. Stockton St Johns won the newly formed Northern League 2nd Division in the 1898-99 season,the following season 1899-1900 they finished runners-up in the 1st Division to Darlington,with Stockton finishing in bottom place.Stockton St Johns beat Stockton in the F.A.Amateur Cup 1-0 in 1901.


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