Winners of the 1 Mile Team race for Under 15s

t9614This photograph shows the team of runners from Richard Hind Secondary School who were the winners of the One Mile Team race for under 15 school teams at the very popular Feethams Sports in 1953. Held on Darlington Cricket Ground there were many international athletes from the UK, Jamaica and Trinidad in features races including McDonald Bailey and Arthur Wint.

Photograph courtesy of Ken Sawyer.

14 thoughts on “Winners of the 1 Mile Team race for Under 15s

  1. Newham Grange School competed in this race in 1957, representing the Stockton schools, but I can only remember four boys actually running – Phil Veitch who finished second, Len Nicholson, Micky Ibbotson & Reggie Franks. Newham Grange also finished second in the 4 x 100yds relay to Bishop Auckland Grammer School. Brian Shenton who was a top sprinter at the time also competed against McDonald Bailey at this meeting.


  2. Back row L to R :- Bill Weatherill, Raymond Foster Front Row L to Right :- Len Pope, Lennie Barnes, Ken Sawyer, Peter Adams, Rod Kennedy Still at it , training for the Great North Run (half marathon) in October by which time I will be 70, over the hill? I haven”t started yet!!


  3. Within the last hour I have been talking to Bill Weatherill. He was surprised that this photo was on internet but remembers the day quite clearly at Darlington. He is still in touch with Lennie Barnes and is going to the races with him this week. He also mentioned Len Pope and his cycle ride and was asked to accompany Len on that occasion.


  4. Well done Rod. Of course you had the advantage of being part of the team. I apologise for not spotting you but I concentrated on the discussion regarding Len Pope. Of course that is you front row far right. I have to admit that I deserved your rebuke for not naming you in my earlier post. We`re all getting a bit long in the tooth now. At least that`s my excuse.


  5. Well done Rod Kennedy! A definitive set of names. Having found this photo and others from Richard Hind times I thought it worth sending as I felt sure someone would come up with all the names. Problems remembering so many names from schools in Rugby and here in Halifax as well as at Richard Hind!


  6. I have seen a photograph of class (group) with the teacher who was Peter Hodgson. The same Peter who was in the same year at RH with me. I couldn”t find it looking through this data and must have seen it on the Friends Reunited site.


  7. Top left is Bill Weatherall, top right is I think Derek Foster. Bottom left to right is Len Pope, Len Barnes, Ken Sawyer, Peter Adams and shame on you Ged Hutchinson it is I Rod Kennedy.


  8. For sure I cannot name everyone in the team I selected 55 years ago! No names on the back of the photo either. I last met Len Pope about 3 years ago, soon after his retirement. He lives in Fairfield. He had completed a large part of the North Sea Coastal cycle route taking him through Scotland to the Shetlands then over to Norway, along the coast into Sweden and on to the Netherlands and back home. For charity too! There was a Peter Hodgson in that year group and he was part of the Sweden 1953 group.


  9. Unless there are 2 Peter Hodgsons I am thinking that the person on the bottom right is someone else. The Peter Hodgson I knew was in the same year as me and lived in Beaconsfield Road, Norton and was one of my friends. He became a teacher at the Newtown School. (Mind you getting Len Pope wrong it might be the same again). Is it possible to name each member of the group?


  10. I agree with Ken Sawyer. Len Pope is bottom left. It`s nice to see Len with hair again, he lost his hair very young and I remember him well in Amsterdam in his 20`s almost bald. We worked together in Holland where Len was involved in an accident that left him with a broken skull. All the expat lads in the office where he worked collected money for his wife and family every week until he was released from hospital. Thankfully Len made a full recovery and I have not seen him since those traumatic days.


  11. Having checked with some photos of the group that cycled in Sweden in August 1953 I am sure that Len(nnie) Pope is bottom left. Top left, also in that cycling group, is Bill Weatherill. Bottom right may well be Peter Hodgson.


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