Class Photographs of Grangefield Grammar School c1962

t9526 t9527 t9528A series of class photographs of pupils at Grangefield Grammar School.

The first is of Form 2LA in 1958-9. The form master was Mr Clive Bell.

The second shows Form 4R in 1960-1. The form master again was Clive Bell, and the third is of Form 6Sc1 in 1962-3. The form master was Karl Stedman.

Photographs courtesy of Keith Parnaby.

10 thoughts on “Class Photographs of Grangefield Grammar School c1962

  1. First photograph – the names I remember are… Back row (l-r): Turvey, Stephens, Coupe, Wilson, Robinson, Parnaby. Second from back row (l-r): Burns, ??, Waterhouse, Oliver, Trotter, Partridge, Sharp, ??, Collin. Middle ow (l-r): ??, Bowbeer, ??, ??, Wright, Stuart< Clasper, Petty, ??, ??, Foxton. Front row (l-r): ??, ??, ??, Hart, ??, Mr Bell, Thorne, Otterburn, Fairlamb, Tatchell, ??.


  2. Brings back some memories…saw Mike Wassall recently appearing with his comedy “beat” group the Cyclones, (I think they were backing Screaming Lord Sutch)…. wonderful performance, they finished as ever with their trademark “pants down!” and “Goodnight” routine, which very near caused a riot in the audience.


    • No replies for ten years on this one..I’ll have a go at the back line of 2LA (Latin-Art)
      Tuvey, Keith Stephens, Coupe, John Wilson, Brian Robinson, Keith Parnaby


  3. Form 2LA Second Row 5th from left Dave Wright. Front row 4th from left is Steve Hart. Both ex pupils of Bailey Street Primary School. It looks like Dave Wright again in the 4R photo 2nd Row 5th from right.


  4. Form 2LA,4th from left back row – Ben Wilson. Ben was a couple of years in front of me, but we became pals when we found out we were both Rock n roll fans. Ben lent me a Champs LP (The best instumental group in the 50s) about 1962. I eventually tracked down my own copy a few years later. Last time I saw Ben was about 1965/6 when he hollered at me from the far side of the High Street.


  5. Form 2LA photo. Back row 4th from left – Wilson – sorry I can”t remember his christian name – we used to use surnames a lot in those days. 2nd back row 5th from left Phil Trotter. I might have been their form prefect.


  6. Thanks Ian and Malcolm for being able to fill in so many of the names – many of whom appear in all 3 photos. When I submitted these photos to the website I was hoping that someone would have a better memory (or records!) than me – and you did! I moved away from Teesside after leaving Grangefield and university and spent most of my career as a civil engineer in London and the South East before retiring here in Cumbria 7 years ago. Inevitably, that meant I lost contact with most of my school friends at an early stage but have kept in touch with, and still see regularly, John Robson who lives in the Derbyshire Peak District and David Tatchell who lives in Surrey. As far as the staff members in the photos are concerned, I haven”t met Karl Stedman since leaving school but until relatively recently, he wrote an illustrated article each month in the local “Cumbria Life” magazine. After years of having a blackboard rubber thrown at me and told to “park yerself laddie!” by Clive Bell, he and I became good friends for a while once I was no longer a pupil and I was saddened to hear of his death at a relatively early age about 15 or so years ago.


  7. Written on the back of my copy of the form 6 photo are the following names (left to right): Front row: Nigel Ormandy, “Pippy” Thorn, Pete Bell, Warner, Atkinson, KVS, Charlie Wright, Dave Tatchell, Ian Gray, Hansell, Charlie Banks. 2nd row: “Dino” Otterburn, Ransome, David Nicholas, Johnny Strachan, myself, Keith Parnaby, Robson, Pete Jordan,”Spike” Marwood,Dave Macadie. 3rd row: Mick Wassal, Paul Steer, “Degger” Oliver, Tony Greenhalgh, Bob Sharpe, Ken Burns, Brian Dobson, Dave Gathergood, “Boots” Cowan. Back row: Ian Ridley, Jim Gilliland, Peter Coupe,”Big” Willey, Pete Hartley, Dave Turvey, Malc Turnbull, John Rattenbury, Petty, Dave Martin.


  8. Can I add some names to the form 6 photo? Top row 3rd from right – John Rattenbury Second row 1st left – Mike Wassall (hidden by banner), next to him – Paul Steer. Third row 3rd left – David Nicholas, 2nd right – Paul Marwood. Front row 3rd right is myself, 5th right – Alan Wright. Perhaps someone can do better?


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