Plaque from a Riley Boiler

Another interesting image, with a nice story to go with it – I think so anyway and I’m the one who decides what goes on here, so hey! We were sent this picture by Christina Sullivan of San Diego in California. Christina is involved in a project to restore a steam yatch – which is where the Riley Boiler comes in. I have been able to put Christina in touch with one of our regular contributors who is something of an expert on Riley Boilers but if anyone else has anything to contribute please get in touch.

9 thoughts on “Plaque from a Riley Boiler

  1. There seem to be two strands of info on Riley Boilers turning up on Google.
    Interested to hear Tommy Dickinson has two Riley plates. We found No.6406 in an Antique shop in Whitby and snapped it up. I have been in touch with San Diego Museum and bought the book on MEDEA but the boiler does not feature really.
    I also bought my wife a MEDEA model in a bottle. It arrived – 1 1/2 inches long !!
    Does anybody who worked at Riley’s remember John Hudson who worked there in ’50’s. I lost touch with him sadly. He did a NS Navy commission.


  2. Christian Sullivan mentions that Stockton on Tees is in Scotland! Stockton is about 90 miles south of the Scottish border in England.
    Shipbuilding on the Tees ended about thirty years ago when Smiths Dock went over to repair and offshore work.
    We have a painting of the Tees from the Victoria Bridge looking east showing shipyards on the south bank and cargo wharfs on the north bank in Stockton.


  3. My wife Peta (Riley) Sutherland is a Great Grandaughter of Barzilia Riley – his son John Riley was an Alderman in Stockton and ran the company until it was taken over in the thirties and he retired. His son John(Jack) worked for many years for ICI until he retired in 1962.
    Since stumbling on this story we have posted several bits of information on the sites.
    Barzilia and John senr. were keen on racing and shared a string with the Peacocks in Middleham.
    John senr lost a leg in in WW1 as an Officer in the veterinary Corps. Peta was for twenty years a journalist – newspapers and BBC – then twenty years a Psychotherapist specialising in PTSD working with ex-service people, Police, Fire Services etc.
    Interested to hear Anthony Burtons story.


  4. Anthony Burton, Riley”s Boilers known throught out the world. Every good model railway enthusiast had a Riley”s waggon with boiler. I certainly had and have passed it onto my Grandchildren for their new layout to be. Was Bertram Riley a member of your family? He attended Norton Open Air School at the same time as me and we had a slight disagreement in the cloakroom. Both of us got into trouble for fighting but it was a matter of honour. Sorry Bert!


  5. My great grandfather was one of the original Riley Brothers. My great-great grandfather came to Stockton from Kirkstall Forge, Leeds in 1853 to becaome foreman-erector for the new gas works. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has memorabilia, especially old photos.


  6. Peter, If your dad worked near a furnace he probaly woker at Heads Foundry next door to Rileys because I worked in the Foundry for a number of years and I don”t remember a furnace in Rileys,with my memory you may be right.


  7. Hi, my father Jack Franks Worked at Riley On the furnaces for a number of years right up until he passed away.I remember that he used to wear clogs with a steel rim around the sole and we always knew when he was on his way home as we could hear him comming down the back street from a long way off.He used to come with his overalls burnt from working close to the furnaces.


  8. I”m hoping to find some information for a historical boiler which is installed upon the ship/yacht  “Medea”.  The museum custodians of this historical vessel are hoping to restore the boiler to it”s original specifications.  I have volunteered my time and service to assist, but only have the following information from which to research: It is a Fire tube Boiler, the Boiler Plaque reads:(see picture -I believe this is an original) Riley Bros. (Boilermakers) Limited No. 5874 Stockton on Tees – Other information is listed as: MFG Riley Bros. LTD  No 5877, Stockton on Tees, Scotland 1904 – I”ll be truly grateful for any information you can provide – Christina Sullivan


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