12 thoughts on “Daventry Avenue, Stockton c1960

  1. The person who took this photo would have to turn 90 degrees to the right to get a shot of the Dover Road bank between Dundee Ave & Dumbarton Ave.


  2. Nice to hear the memories of my Grandad Shimmer Nelson live on. I have heard many a story of his Jackdaw, and the monkey, and horses which were in the field mentioned. I have also heard and read of the time his horse was taken into the bar with him. A nice write up in an early edition of “Remember When” mentioned these an some of the unique qualities and strength my Grandad had. I know that he and my family spent many happy years in Daventry Avenue, and surrounding areas.


  3. I once had 2 coloured Fantail Pigeons. The type that had the big chest and their heads laid over their back. I lost them through high winds and was told that they might have met up when Shimmer was letting his pigeons out for their exercise. I was told to go and see Shimmer. No luck but Shimmer had a big loft in his garden for the use of racing his pigeons. Shimmer Nelson in the time I knew about him used to walk about with a tame Jackdaw on his shoulder. I have even seen him in the Brown Jug in Norton sitting in the Bar with this Jackdaw sitting on his shoulder.


  4. The horses in the field belonged to Shimmer Nelson who lived in Daventry Avenue and had a rag “n bone round. Shimmer had quite a menagerie of pets, including a goat and a monkey. One morning his horse slipped its tether and was found across Durham Road grazing on the front lawn of Spark”s bakery! The view in the picture would no longer be possible, as a later extension on what used to be the school, blocks out the view of Ragworth shops.


  5. The photo is actually taken from one of the upstairs bedrooms of No. 59 Daventry Avenue by Mr.Bill Greaves who lived there at that time, C1960.


  6. I always wished that this road had been built a few years earlier. I would cycle to and from the Stockton tech from Norton. It made me have to go up to the Mile House and then down Durham Road and then up to the School.


  7. What a smashing photograph! I was at St.John”s from about 1959-1965 and I remember it just like this. I even remember the horses grazing on the waste land over the school fence. It was very exciting watching the men laying the “New Road” during our “playtimes” – the playground you can see was the Junior”s playground, the Infant”s being around the back. Surely the view is looking towards Daventry Ave – not from Daventry Ave?


  8. I remember this view very well,our family my late parents olga & harold harris,my elder brother michael and myself were the very first occupiers of 8,dunstable close,ragworth.our garden looked out onto st. john,s . We were probably next door to the right of the near greenhouse When the shops were built there was free pie and peas for i think one week.Fifty- six years ago when i was 4 years old i walked across that field to follow my elder brother Mike to school and went into the morning assembly! i was escorted home by one the teachers,half the street were out looking for me and my poor mum was absolutely frantic with worry.Still got a hell of a telling off though,but i never did it again. our days there were very happy, my mum once told me,very nice neighbours. the franks,the watsons,the wardles,the wilsons,the delderfields


  9. This photograph shows a view from Daventry Avenue across to St John’s school and Ragworth shops. Where the horses are grazing is now the Stockton ring road.


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