2 thoughts on “Dickens Hypermarket

  1. I worked at Dickens from 1976 to 1979 at Portrack Lane some of the names I remember working with are… I was in the garden centre….Malcolm Eden aka Adam Eden he had a slot on the local radio station Radio Tees, Oscar Drinkwater , Harry Jeal who was about 70 year old. Peter Frankland. I also remember Alan Watson, Ray Hughes aka Yogga, a big lad called chunkey can’t remember his proper name, George Cole, Brian Cole, Peter Cann a lad called Tarppy. Alan Shaw, Kevin Dawson, Les Beaton, Dennis Finn, anyone else slips my mind.


  2. I was a Saturday boy at Dickens in the mid 1970’s. There were a few of us from Grangefield Grammar School (David Truby, Paul Johnson, Colin Morgan I can remember). We were fed fish and chips at lunchtime and paid about £2 per day. I worked in the timber yard, cutting timber and loading customers cars (hopefully for a tip!)


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