3 thoughts on “Wolf Cub Certificate

  1. I recall my time with the 16th Stockton that was based in Finkle Street(above the Sea Scouts). It would have been just about where the circular ramp to the rooftop car park is situated. At that time, while waiting for the “meeting” time would be passed on the quay side, still active primarily with the shipping of scrap metal I think. The river was very much tidal (pre barrage) and was often multi coloured, depending on which chemicals were polluting that day!


  2. I was also a member of the 14th Stockton Pack and still have my membership certificate our cub master was Lily Thurlwell. I joined 11/2/46. The hall was also our classroom for Bowesfield Lane boys jnrs 2&3 during the war.


  3. I thought this might stir a few Wolf Cub memories. This is the reverse of the membership certificate I received from the 14th Stockton pack which was based in the Lightfoot Grove Baptist Church on Bowesfield Lane in the 1940s. I have enjoyed Norman Huckle”s photographs and the subsequent comments which brought back memories of meeting Mr Huckle in the early 1950s when I think he and my father worked together. My father took me down to the mill to help when the scouts moved one of the mill stones which I believe was going to be used as the hearth for a camp fire


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