2 thoughts on “The Globe Theatre

  1. Like Frank Bowron I too went to see Tommy Steele (nee Hicks) at The Globe. The “Bermondsey Boy” had not long before had a Number 1 with “Singing the Blues”, a song also released by Guy Mitchell and I remember being fascinated by his cockney rendering of the words mixed with attempts at the Elvis drawl.Of course he later moved in to main stream entertainment, with successful stage shows and films and was always more of an all round entertainer than a rock n” roller.He still makes appearances today and was in a production of Scrooge a few years back. I seem to remember that he may have stayed out at Croft Spa during his time at Stockton. I also remember buying “Singing the Blues” and “Hound Dog ” by Elvis – no comparison really – from Les Brown”s with some birthday money and literally wearing the records (78s) and probably our ever patient neighbours out.


  2. I was almost ten years old at the time but our Mam got tickets and I was granted a “late night”. Mam was a monster fan of Tommy Steele. I still have this mental vision of him with pale blue drainpipes, off-white knee length velvet collared jacket and a big electric guitar with “f” holes in the body – a Gretsch I guess. Tommy Steele was in the vanguard of the new wave of music that eventually turned out the Beatles and other “drums & guitar” bands of the sixties.


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