6 thoughts on “Newtown Junior School 1967

  1. This photo brings back so many memories of my childhood Mally. I was the one in the front row with all the dark hair. My ex husband actually found this and showed it to my youngest daughter, who then showed me. I remember everyone on this picture and still see a couple of them occasionally. I would love to see more pictures from this period, and any of Newham Grange School, where we all went on to. Thanks for this one!!


  2. I suppose you are the one who is a signalman in the Norton area, Mally, but in the fifties I used to live in Bedford Street in Newtown and when I was about ten I knocked about with a Pauline Monkhouse who lived, I think, in Newtown Avenue or Mellor Street – any relation?


  3. Back row David Highfield,David Hardwick,Melvyn Gray,Ronnie Robertson,David Alderson,Brian Morton,Malcolm Monkhouse,Tommy McCabe, Christopher Stockton, Ralph Dinkinson. Middle David Butler, Eamon Basford,Ian Drummond,Jeff Pitt,Paul Banks,Judith Wilson, Gail Dodsworth, Billy Green,Kevin Rudd,Gary Jordan,IanKeightley,Fred Chambers,Brian Ellis Front Row Glenda Teasdale,Hilary York, Susan Westwood,Judith Imerson, Julia Close,Glynis Taylor, Miss Hutchinson,Christine Cole,Karen Joynes,Christine Burns,Lynn Rutter,Margaret BroderwickJanet Conner


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