10 thoughts on “Cliff in Stockton c1959

  1. Cliff’s first panto….he stayed in Stockton in Hartington Road – Mrs Lewis at number 34 according to Pete Frames book on early Rock and Roll and skiffle in the UK “The Restless Generation”


  2. I saw Cliff play buttons in Cinderella at Stockton in 1959 and I was 10 years old and it was my Christmas present off my Mam and dad. It was the only pantomime I ever saw.


  3. If my memory serves me right – I went to see Cliff Richards in Aladdin at the Globe Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees and Marty Wilde played Babes in the Wood at the Hipodrome Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees. I actually went back stage to meet Marty and got his autograph.28/03/2012 20:52:38


  4. According to the Wikipedia entry, Cliff was in panto in Dec 1959, ‘Babes in the wood’ Pantomime, Stockton on Tees & ABC Regal, Hull. (1 week). He next played in panto in 1964, Aladdin, but no location, possibly London Palladium. There is an entry for Dec 1966, Cinderella Pantomime, but no location is given.


    • I saw Cliff in Babes in the Wood at the Globe theatre 1959 he was one of the babes. After the panto he did a Session with the Shadows


  5. Can anyone remember the panto? I went to see Cinderella about that time and now wonder if it was Cliff playing the part of Buttons. We all had to shout ‘Buttons, Buttons, water your pansy’. Can anyone remember if this would have been him?


  6. I can confirm that Petula Clark’s complexion was not very healthy. I found myself standing beside her one day outside Pacittos Ice Cream Parlour and was very surprised at how bad her complexion was. The ravages of continually using stage make-up I suppose.


  7. Was this guest house on the opposite side of Yarm Road to Richard Hind Sec. Tech School? I was at that school at that time when Cliff appeared in Stockton and was told he was staying across the road from the school!! I didn’t actually see him but tried very hard! I did get Des O’Conner and Petula Clarke’s autographs from the stage door at the Globe in Stockton High Street – it was quite something in those days for a young teenager to see people like that face to face! I remember Petula’s complexion was dreadful! I was in Tito’s night club in Stockton around 1965 when Englebert Humperdinck appeared – he was amazingly good!! That’s when he was called Gerry Dorsey.


  8. Cliff, Hank or Bruce, did a school visit to Grangefield in the late sixties, one female star associated with them was also present, but I cannot remember her identity. I got an EMI/Columbia black and white picture postcard of the “Shadows” from the Norton Fiesta in the 1960″s, but it was one of the few I failed to get autographed. The local kids used to get these record company postcards of the big stars from the Fiesta reception staff, and then attempt to get them autographed. I had about twenty signed, eg Dusty, Searchers, Tremeloes, Dave Dee, Gerry, Freddie etc. Years later I gave most of them away. I recollect the Hollies appearing at the Fiesta in early 1966 when they were almost No.1, they gave an interview to the local paper, Graham Nash doing most of the it.


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