5 thoughts on “The Globe Theatre

  1. I remember the panto far too well. Travelled up from London for the saturday Matinee then back home again after the show. Just to wind you all up some more, I had a date between performances backstage with the leading lady. Pity it never came to anything.


  2. The last two shows I attended at ‘The Globe’ were Jerry Lee Lewis & Count Basie back about 1972/3. I still have the programmes from both shows.
    We booked the Basie show to see the great blues shouter, Big Joe Turner, but alas he was taken ill I think, and did not appear. His place was taken by another great, Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson, whose name appeared in the programme, not Big Joe’s, so did somebody know something before the programmes were printed. We’ll never know now !
    Jerry Lee Lewis was as great as usual. You never see Jerry Lee without coming away feeling like you’ve just witnessed something special.


  3. This is very interesting i once read terry thomas”s Biography and he talks candidly about the affair he was having with Lorrae desmond and while she was playing at the Globe in Stockton. Now LD is actually a very famous Aussie Actress ( very old now! she played the part of Shirley Gilroy in A Country Practice ) whom i wrote to when i read Terrys comments and took a pic and i got a reply from her regarding her time in Stockton and how she loved it etc


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