2 thoughts on “Nelson Square in Norton, 1969

  1. This area was part of the stabling and carrige-house of the FOX & HOUND INN which fronted West Row, The Green. One of three inns and an Ale-houses (‘The Lion’) on The Green, the Fox & Hound serviced the visiting corn-merchant or agricultural mechanic. These bildings backed onto the orchard and land of Mr Gascoine who built a cottage row in the High Street with stone plaques, WATERLOO COTTAGES, GASCOINE COTTAGES, still in situ. The name Nelson comes from a build in Norton in the early 1800, this name was found scratched in plaster of the BATH-COTTAGE 1804 Vicars-Row, during restoration work in the 1990s. The Inns:- THE HAMBLETONIAN was for servants of the Big-Houses around the Green (also job-centre for prospective servants). THE FOX & HOUND was for travellers and farmers. THE UNICORN was for farm labourers, villagers, call-centre for doctors, vicars clerk and farm-stewards. The LION, high-row into Mill-Lane, travellers on way to Billingham via the Hollow-Way, Bishopsmill, watermill.


    • Bob – My Mum and Dad (Ken and Jean Crossley) bought one of the cottages in Nelson Square about 1975 and did it up – sold about 1980? It was small but Dad did a good job on it. Being a Harbron are you related to the the Mothersills? My Mum was Jean Crossley from Thornaby – Dad was on 608 from ’50 to ’53.


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