6 thoughts on “Eaglescliffe South signal box

  1. Malcolm Robson on Sunday 2nd October 2016. Said.. I started as a signal lad at Eaglescliffe North in April 1957. The Signalmen at the North were George Poad and Stan Tempest, there was a vacancy there at the time this was covered by relief sigs Percy Atkinson, Bill Kirby, Barney Marshall and various other relief sigs.Charlie Simpson was Rest Day Relief at the time. Frank Walls was appointed to the vacancy.


  2. Eaglescliffe Station had on display a large silver shield awarded to the local Railway first aid class as winners of the annual Divisional First Aid competition. This would have been in the late 50s, early 60s. The houses on the up side, left side of the photograph were, I have been told, a terrace of railway workers housing. A cycling club friend of mine, whose father, Mr Thompson, was a Divisional Loads Inspector lived for a while in one of them. The wagon behind the locomotive in the photograph is one of the “Brake Tenders”, a bogied concrete filled construction that was attached to trains that were partially braked as added brake force. These brake tenders were withdrawn gradually as trains became fully braked. A line of them awaiting disposal could be seen from the wilderness road in front of the roundhouse at Thornaby Motive Power Depot in the 80s. A few of them were converted into miniature snowploughs and can still be seen at Peterborough Station approach. When positioned in front of the locomotive these brake tenders, being hidden from the driver”s view, could often be the cause of drivers passing red signals at danger unwittingly. The driver thinking he had bought his train to a stand at a red signal would find that the brake tender was beyond the signal. This would result in disciplinary action being taken against the driver.


  3. You are quite right Denis it is the north, the south was on the other side of the lines on the far side of the station. I have a photo of the South which I will submit later. You must have been in the south about the same time as Jimmy Lord, long gone now, and also Terry Wood who retired same time as me last year. I can”t remember Peter Bell being in the south, Bill -the first time I came across him was in Belasis Lane. Nice to hear from you both, keep well.


  4. To think that Eaglesciffe was one of the main stations and junctions in the Teesside area, it had everything – buffet bar, waiting rooms and plenty of traffic. I think Gordon, that Peter Bell worked one of the boxes? The same site today, like so many, is a former shadow of itself. I remember at one time that Bass Charington opened a rail distribution centre here, the opening got into the pages of the Railnews, the staff paper, now that is again a memory the building is there but desolate. When I was a Guard I worked the the turn that shunted Eaglescliffe, Dowmac, Bitish Chrome at Urlay Nook and the admiralty was P82 local.


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