5 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar Retirement Presentation

  1. I did a search of this site for the name Dumble and came across this picture. I recognized it as soon as I saw it. I have a copy of the picture with just Mr. and Mrs Dumble in it. They are my grandparents. My wife and I are now taking care of their daughter, Olive.


  2. Poor Dr Kinnes (seen here at his retirement reception ) was gassed in WW1 and suffered significant ill-health as a consequence. To this day I remember his rattling cough. Now I realise he must have had bronchitis due to severe airway damage. Entering the chemistry lab must have been a trial for him – I do remember him hurrying in and out to speak to Mr Durrant. By the way Jim Durrant died recently – I attended his funeral in Middleton-one-Row .


  3. I started at Grangefield in the 1952/53 school year and Dr Kinnes was head at that time but I think it was only for the first term, he was then off due to ill health and Mr Dumble was acting head for the rest of the year. By this stage Mr Dumble was not the sports master he taught me the arithmetic component of my first year maths. That would probably date this as the end of school year 1953.


  4. Jan Moore – I do not remember the date but I have a copy of The Stocktonian yearbook for 1953-54 which contains relevant information. Dr Kinnes had been headmaster for 24 years, initially at the Stockton Secondary School in Nelson Terrace, then overseeing the transfer to the newly built Grangefield Grammar School after WW II. Both he and Mr Dumble (who had taught at the school for 42 years!) retired at the end of the summer term in July 1953. The yearbook contains considerable details of Mr Dumble”s career which I can send if you leave your address with the website.


  5. Retirement Presentation made by the Old Stocktonians to the retiring Headmaster and sports master of Grangefield Grammer from left to right are Mrs J R Kinnes – Mr J Wilkinson-Dr J R Kinnes (retiring head) – Mr E H Fieke (President ofthe Old Stocktonians) Mrs S B Dumble- Mr E Baldwin and Mr S B Dumble (retiring Sports master) It would be nice if anyone who remembers the event could date it for me. Mr Dumble was my grandad


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