5 thoughts on “ICI Billingham c1950

  1. My G Grandad worked for ICI as war broke out and then moved to Glixbrough near Scunthopre (away from the bombs!). His name was William Samuel Pearson, he did not have to join up because of his job! Then in 1944 he was killed in a bombing raid on the factory he then worked in leaving 3 kids and a widow.


  2. I remember going to the Pantomime as a child with ICI. If I remember correctly the children also received a selection box. My Father, James Cairns, worked at Cassel Works in the laboratories and my Mother, Marjorie Cairns, was a Nurse in the Medical Department.


  3. My father, George Wright, is pictured on the back row second from right. The Sport and Social section took all the workers families away for the day in the summer often going to Seaburn in a fleet of Stockton Buses or by train. At christmas we all went to see the pantomime at the Globe or Hippodrome receiving ice creams during the interval, such simple pleasures in those days.


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