3 thoughts on “Senior Students at Bowesfield Lane

  1. Alan Stephenson in these photos was a pupil at Newham Grange School in 1955 & the teacher in the second photo is the father of the late Matty Mathius who worked in the toolroom at Head Wrightsons, Thornaby. Is the Ernie Popple first photo front-row 2nd left the one who played football for the Fiesta?


  2. Just come across photo of 1953 Bowesfield Lane Seniors 1953, It was good to see an early photo of my late uncle, Keith Harker. It”s a shame he”s no longer around to see it.


  3. The first photograph was taken in 1953 and shows…..Back Row L-R…Peter Kitching(?),Dennis Highfield, Harry Fowler, Ronnie Coleman(?), Arthur Johnson, Alan Mitchell, Eric Grubb…..Centre Row L-R…George Kitching(?), ALan Stephenson, Alistair Hardwick, Billy Johnson, Dougie Robson, Barry Collins, Herbert parkinson, Kenny Walton(?)….Front Row L-R… Kenny Fisher, Ernie Popple, Keith Harker, Alan Cox, Mr Panton, Ray Bland, (..dont know), Brian Murray, (..dont know). The second photograph was taken in the Spring of 1956 and shows Back Row L-R…Kenny Fisher, (..dont know), Alan Cox, Eric Grubb, Brian Murray, Dennis Highfield….Front Row L-R…Ronnie Coleman(?), Ray Bland, Dougie Robson, Alan Mitchell, Mr.Mathius (Matty),Stan Henderson, Alan Stephenson, Harry Fowler, Billy Johnson. Stockton and Thornaby Hospital can be seen in the background.


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