8 thoughts on “Heading into Stockton Station

  1. Many thanks for putting me right about the photo. I thought at first that the train was on the third track from the right but of course it is on the fourth. I believe there was a fifth track which was used by trains coming from the direction of the station which is why there were 2 sets of signals on the bracket.


  2. The four signals on the bracket in front of the train control the exit from the up goods No1 and the up goods No2. The lower two signals show the route is set for Eaglescliffe and the top two show the route is set for Bowesfield. The signal numbers being no’s 1&2 and 9&11. All four signals controlled by Hartburn signal Box. The signal on right of the picture is the down main starter also controlled by Hartburn and the lower of the two is the distant signal controlled by Bishopton Lane signal box.


  3. The signals on the gantry, if you look closer Ian, are showing the back of the signals and the top signals are in fact controlled from Bishopton Lane, the upper signal far right is the starter to Hartburn in the direction of Eaglescliffe, the lower one is Hartburns distant, the nearest top right signal again controlled by Bishy Lane is the starter to Hartburn via Bowesfield the lower signal again being the distant controlled from Hartburn. Hope this helps clear it up for you.


  4. Check the picture again – the loco is running tender first over the points and onto the down goods line which bypassed the stockton station. Hence the reason for the up signals being at danger. Garth – you’re right, the gantry signals covered the two roads, one up to Bowesfield and the other towards Eaglescliffe.


  5. The road to the left of the train is Marlborough Road and the white huts were the dinner rooms for Oxbridge and Richard Hind schools. The house gable end to the right of the picture would be either Spring St or Templar St.


  6. The photo brings back a few memories for me as my grandad used to take me to Spring St bridge in the 1950’s. Reading the caption, I am not sure that the train is heading for Stockton as it seems to be on the up slow as the camera is pointing in the direction of Stockton station. It seems strange that all the four signals on the gantry seem to be at danger and it would have been one of the two on the right hand side of the gantry which would have indicated where the train was headed. I believe the upper one was for the Bowesfield direction and the lower one for Eaglescliffe. Perhaps the Hartburn signalman lowered the arm immediately the loco was past the signal.


  7. Nice one Gordon, the engine looks like a Q6 heading towards Stockton, and is travelling on the then slow lines on its way to Hartlepool steel works “maybe” with empty plate wagons, a good photo taken off Spring Street foot bridge.


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