Buffs Club Trip

t9548This is a photograph of the Buffs Club trip from Stockton in the 1940s.

The photograph is courtesy of Sharon Finlay and shows her Gran, Annie Berry (second from the left top row) and her Granda, Harry Berry (right at the bottom). Fifth from the left is a gentleman named Billy Mills

4 thoughts on “Buffs Club Trip

  1. The gentleman at the top left of this photo is my Uncle Frank Simpson ,My mums brother. He was a lovely man who unfortuatly died when I was a small child, but I still remember him. He lived on Norton High Street with his parents Joe and Nellie Simpson and my Mum Dorothy Simpson -now Murphy.Married to Ron Muphy.


  2. My Gran”s maiden name was Metcalfe and my mother was Gladys. My mam and Hilda are both dead and Henry died as a young child but Les and Derek are both living. Hope that helps.


  3. I am sure that Annie Berry is my great aunt and the brother of my grandfather James Metcalfe who was killed on the Somme 1916. Annie and Harry (Henry) had five children,Gladys,Hilda,Henry,Leslie and Derek.


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